Service Living Learning Community

The Honors Service Living Learning Community (LLC) is a year-long residential and service community that brings together students who share a common interest in social justice and community service. This community offers you the opportunity to participate in a dynamic Honors environment. Moreover, it fosters a high level of community engagement through Honors courses, a year-long service project, and connections to campus and community resources. This community will be housed in Threlkeld Hall.

The Honors Service LLC is open to interested students in the following enrollment units: College of Arts & Sciences, Pre-Business, and the College of Education & Human Development.


As a student in this community you can expect to receive the following services:

  1. Assistance in the development of your community engagement service project;
  2. Opportunities to meet faculty and staff outside the classroom setting;
  3. Academic programs to assist you in becoming more successful as a student;
  4. Academic advising sessions with an Honors Academic Counselor;
  5. Social activities to assist you in getting to know community members better.


Students that opt to participate in this LLC will take three courses together (more info on those below) and complete a service project in the local community throughout the fall semester. Although there are no specific course requirements for the spring semester, students will continue to meet as a group monthly and may continue their service work throughout the spring semester. Note:  the service project is required only in the fall, but many previous participants have opted to continue serving throughout the academic year.


Courses you will take as a member of this LLC (Fall 2014):

  • HON 101 Modes of Inquiry (taught by Luke Buckman, Assistant Director for Student Programming in Honors): This is a required course for Honors freshmen in Arts & Sciences or the College of Education & Human Development. 1 credit hour.
  • HON 202 Windows on the World (also taught by Luke): This course discusses student service projects and initiatives, as well as prominent issues relevant to the community service portion of class. 1 credit hour.
  • HON 214 Topics in Oral Communication & Social Sciences (taught by Professor Christine Steineck):  This is an integrated Honors course which allows students to earn two general education requirements simultaneously, one for Speech Communication and one in the Social & Behavioral Sciences. During this class, students will give at least one persuasive presentation based on service projects. 3 credit hours.


    Students in this LLC will choose an off-campus service site based on one of the following areas: child & family services; immigrant & refugee outreach; homelessness issues; educational outreach & equity; food justice & sustainability. Additional focus areas will likely be added or students may have the option of creating their own if a student has one in mind. These will be developed in conjunction with the program coordinator, Luke Buckman.


    Additional Benefits:

    • Guaranteed living space in Threlkeld Honors Residence Hall.
    • Guaranteed registration in Honors service classes.
    • Resident assistant familiar with Honors program and LLC experience.


    "Between bake sales and car washes, I always completed the service requirements in high school. I had numerous little volunteer events and focused on the amount of events I could plan or participate in with my friends. Being involved in the Honors service course this year has not only reformed the way I think about service, but reformed the way I think about the society I live in. This class allowed me to dive into social justice issues and look beyond coat drives and penny wars. Working at a daycare for homeless children has been by far the best experience during my freshman year here at the University of Louisville and this class has been one of the most meaningful experiences I've had. Students who want to make a difference, an impact, or a footprint on the city of Louisville should most definitely take this class."  Taylor Wilson, Honors Sophomore & current co-chair of the Honors Volunteer Program

    "I walked through the door with an open mind not knowing what to expect, embracing and allowing myself to be a sponge observing and learning from every step of the way. The paperwork wasn't my favorite part of it all and my patience grew weary but as I sit here today I say that this service learning community has not only been an amazing service based program but a win-win situation. It has helped me evolve into an individual with a compassion and concern for fighting injustices, not only based on race and gender the common things we see but to dig deeper and break down the things we allow to separate ourselves. This is just the beginning of something I see myself continuing in the future. So are you ready to take that one leap of faith, I promise you in the end it will all be worth it." Nannie Croney, Honors Sophomore


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