Honors Travel Seminars

Woodcock Society National Seminars & Overseers International Seminars             

Honors students have the opportunity to explore North America and the world through national and international travel seminars. Students have the chance to travel after a semester of in-depth study to a variety of national and international locations, with much of their expenses subsidized by the University of Louisville. Each year, one or two Honors Scholars seminars will conclude with a field experience. Students, faculty, and Honors staff members will travel, as a group, for one to two weeks to a national or international destination related to the seminar topic.

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Woodcock Society National Seminars

The Woodcock Society National Seminars focus on topics of national relevance. Previous seminars and their destinations have included:  The Broadway Theater Experience (New York City); Immigration & Ethnicity (San Francisco); and Urban Waters (canoeing the Everglades). Examples of past national seminars include:

  • The Broadway Theater Experience (New York)
  • Immigration and Ethnicity (San Francisco)
  • Outsiders & Visionary Art (Southern U.S.)
  • Urban Waters (canoeing the Everglades)
  • Art Wars (Canada)

The Overseers International Seminars 

The Overseers International Seminars provide Honors students with the opportunity to travel abroad for up to two weeks as part of an international field experience. Honors students have traveled to the townships of South Africa, the sanctuaries of the Galapagos Islands, and the film sites in New Zealand depicting Middle Earth as seen in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. Other examples of international seminars and their destinations include:  International Environmental Issues (China & Taiwan); International Criminal Justice Issues (Turkey); and South Asian Culture & Society (India). Past international seminars include:

  • International Criminal Justice Systems (Turkey)
  • International Environmental Issues (China, Taiwan)
  • Art & Society in Ancient Greece
  • South Asian Culture & Society (India)
  • Discovering Darwin (Galapagos Islands & Ecuador)
  • Fairy Tales (Germany, Denmark)
  • J.R.R. Tolkien in Print & Film (New Zealand)
  • Roots of the Republic (England, Scotland, and Italy)
  • Comparative Criminal Justice Systems (Mexico)
  • Britain & the Transition to the Modern World
  • Shaping Identity in South Africa
  • Traditional Japan in the 21st Century
  • Cultural Origins of Modern Germany
  • Islamic Iberia (Spain & Portugal)
  • Royalty in Indian History (India)
  • Culture & Art of Ancient Rome (Italy)
  • French Creole Cultures of the Americas (Guadalupe)
  • James Joyce & Irish Politics (Ireland)