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Honors Student Council

Honors Student Council Officers 2013-2014HSC 2013-2014


Executive President: Ashley Farnkopf
Executive Vice-President: Marianna Michael
Secretary: Alex O’ Keefe
Treasurer: Meaghen Sorrell
Vice President for Academics: Alyssa Mattingly
Vice President for Publicity: Chelsea Vaal
Vice President for Service (Honors Volunteer Program): Morgan Blair
Vice President for Social: Mak Kroger
Co-Vice Presidents for Special Events: Emily Benken, Meredith Jones, and Delaney Right
Academic Chairs: Heather Stewart, Natalie Smith, Preston Simmons, and Kyle Schroader
Honors Volunteer Program/Service Chairs: Laura Krauser and Taylor Wilson
Social Chairs: Jenna Bach, Alice Darling, and Joe Dawson
Publicity Chairs: Anjelica Lawson, Mary Elizabeth Young, and Elisabeth Riddle (Historian)


HSC Elections

Honors Student Council is proud to announce it will be hosting elections during the first week of April! All active Honors students are encouraged to vote on ULink (instructions for voting will be emailed to Honors students by Luke Buckman before elections). Several of your fellow Honors students are in the running and need your vote! Positions denoted with an asterisk (*) are contested positions.


  •  Marianna Michael
    • I have been honored to work with Honors Student Council since my Freshman year. Throughout my three years I have done many things with Honors including being a Peer Advisor and working during HON 101. Even after all these experiences, HSC continues to be my favorite thing about the program. I have had the pleasure of working with two of the most dedicated presidents I have ever met and it would be an honor to follow in their footsteps. As president, I would like to make sure that HSC puts on more events, includes more students, and improves in every way. My main goal for HSC is to make sure that every Honors student can be heard and that our events will cater directly to our community as well as the University’s community as a whole. Please e-mail me if you have any more questions at


Executive Vice President*
  • Jenna Bach
    • My name is Jenna Bach and I am running to be your Honors Student Council Executive Vice-President for next year. I am currently part of the Social bubble of council. As a Social Chair I have helped to plan and prepare various social gatherings and events including the Faculty Student Meet and Greet, Midterm Madness, the Harry Potter Movie Marathon, and Valentines Day Candy Grahams. I have had so much fun planning and working with council this year to get our goals accomplished and I look forward to contributing even more ideas next year as your Executive VP. As Executive VP I will work with the President to help lead and bring council together in order to better serve the Honors community. I will contribute my personal ideas as well as ideas that I hear from being involved in the Honors community. As an RA, I am excited to say that I have been placed in Threlkeld next year. Working and living with my fellow honors students, I feel that I will truly get to know them and hear their opinions which I will bring to council meetings to help better serve them. I love being able to be a part of student council and I look forward to helping our Honors Program here at the University of Louisville be the best in the state of Kentucky. 
  • Emily Benken
    • My involvement with HSC began my freshman year as the Social Freshman representative. The Freshmen representatives on council that year were in charge of hosting a "signature event", which we decided would be the Yule Ball. After a semester of planning and decorating, the Yule Ball was a huge success, and won the New Event of the Year at Student Awards. This year, as one of the Special Events Vice Presidents, I helped to again plan and implement the Yule Ball, which doubled in attendance and revenue. We've also been working diligently on the Book and Media Sale. As head of advertising, I've planned events, designed advertising material, and mobilized others to be active in HSC through the Advertising Committee. I would love to be the Executive Vice President of Honors Student Council because I am passionate about creating a dependable community within the Honors Program, and feel that I am qualified to take on this leadership role. 
  • Alyssa Mattingly


  • Mariah Moore
    • My name is Mariah Moore and I am running for the position of Secretary. I am currently on the Council as a Freshmen Representative for the Special Events Committee and have been actively involved with the Yule Ball, Zumbathon, and the Books and Media Sale. I am a good choice for Secretary because I am very diligent at meeting deadlines and ensuring that others meet them as well. I am a pro at taking notes during meetings and I plan to keep the Council's social media active so you will never have to wonder what is going on when. I look forward to being a part of the Council again and helping to shape another wonderful year.


  • Meaghen Sorrell
    • My name is Meaghen Sorrell and I currently serve as Honors Student Council Treasurer. I would really appreciate your vote which would allow me the opportunity to continue to serve as HSC Treasurer. I am a Finance major with minors in Management, Entrepreneurship and Economics. The finance knowledge that I gain in the classroom as well as the experience I have gained through working with HSC as Treasurer will allow me to continue serving HSC and the Louisville community the best that I can. 


Academic Vice President
  • Natalie Smith
    • Due to my involvement with the Academic bubble this year, I have been able to become more knowledgeable about the processes involved in facilitating a successful Academic event. I have been on Honors Student Council for two years, and am well aware of what will be expected of me in an elected position. I hope to help further make HSC a well-recognized and powerful group on campus, and I believe that I will be able to do that best by making the Academic programs readily accessible and relevant to U of L students.


Publicity Vice President
  • Ann Wood


Service Vice President
  • Laura Krauser


Social Vice President
  • Alice Darling
    • Hi, my name is Alice Darling and I am a freshman Pre-med student at U of L. I am running for Honors Student Council Social Vice president because I have worked this year as the freshman chair under the current social vice president. I have enjoyed organizing and promoting the HSC social events as well as starting new events such as the Harry Potter Movie Marathon before the Yule Ball and the Valentine's Day candy grams in Threlkeld Lobby. I have learned a lot about how the social events work and areas where they could be improved so I am a good candidate for next years Social VP. In high school, I was the Class Secretary as well as an officer in many clubs so I have a lot of fresh ideas to bring to this position as well as experience in planning and organizing events. If I am elected Social VP I would love to work to encourage a greater community between honors students through fun social events!


Special Events Vice President*
  • Kelsey Frain
  • Adaline Heitz
    • I believe that I would serve Honors Student Council well as the Vice President of Special Events due to my past experience in event planning, passion for service oriented leadership, and dedication to the honors community at the University of Louisville. This year, I served as a Special Events Chair on Honors Student Council and gained valuable experience planning and implementing a variety of events, including the Book and Media Sale, the Yule Ball,  the Zumbathon, and a competition between residence halls to support the Book and Media Sale. In addition to a variety of past leadership positions, I was also the programming chair for the Resident Student Association in Threlkeld Hall, working to plan a unique lineup of programs to encourage residents to get involved and make the most of their college experience at UofL. Now, I wish to serve the honors community at UofL in an even greater capacity as the Vice President of Special Events for Honors Student Council. If elected, I will use my creativity, passion, and experience to fully utilize all of my resources and present a exciting set of events to those student involved in the honors program as well as the student body as a whole. Finally, since no campaign is complete without a cheesy slogan…vote ADALINE for Vice President of Special Events! Taking UofL to new HEITZ.​



Academic Chairs
  • Kyle Schroader
  • Heather Stewart


Publicity Chairs
  • Maggie Chang
  • Elisabeth Riddle


Social Chairs
  • Alex Ballou
  • Joe Dawson
  • Rupika Narain


Special Events Chairs
  • Autumn Halberstadt
  • Sarah Pennington


Honors Volunteer Program Committee
  • Tess Bettler
  • Maddie Clabough
  • Jazmen Conner
  • Danielle Deal
  • Carrie Hall
  • Alex Haydon

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