Graduating Students

Instructions for Graduate students who expect to finish and graduate.

Finishing Students

Students who expect to finish and graduate (whether pursing the Thesis or Exam Option) are responsible for completing and submitting all of the necessary paperwork in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in delayed graduation and additional fees.

  • Students must submit an Application to Graduate during the first two weeks of the semester in which they think they may be graduating.  Applications to graduate are submitted via Ulink. Please note:  students should submit an application to graduate even if they are not completely sure they will be graduating in that semester.
  • By mid-semester students must submit a Thesis/Exam Committee Form, signed by all thesis or exam committee members and the Chair of the History Department. The form is available here on the School of Graduate and Interdisciplinary Studies website.
  • When a date and time for either your thesis defense or your exams has been set, the student must notify the Director of Graduate Studies at least two weeks before the defense/exam. The Graduate Director will then schedule the defense or make arrangements for the exam.
  • Prior to their defense, Thesis Option students should make an appointment with the Graduate School to verify the formatting of their thesis.  Make sure to consult the Guidelines for the Processing and Preparation of Theses.
  • Prior to defense or exams, we recommend that all finishing graduate students review their records with the Director of Graduate Studies and the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies in order to ensure that all previous necessary requirements have been completed.