Jennifer Westerfeld

Assistant Professor


Dr. Westerfeld joined the faculty in 2010 as Assistant Professor of Ancient Mediterranean History, having received her Ph.D. in Egyptology from the University of Chicago. She specializes in the cultural and religious history of late antique Egypt, Coptic epigraphy, and papyrology. Her research deals with the conversion of Egypt to Christianity and the appropriation and reinterpretation of Pharaonic monuments by Coptic Christian communities in Late Antiquity. Her book manuscript, provisionally entitled Fantastic Images: Reading Hieroglyphs in Byzantine Egypt, is currently in preparation. She is also involved in projects to record Coptic inscriptions from multiple late antique sites in Egypt, including Abydos and Kharga Oasis.


Courses taught include:

  • Introduction to Ancient Egypt
  • Introduction to the Ancient Near East
  • Egypt after the Pharaohs
  • Mediterranean World in Late Antiquity
  • Egypt in the Western Imagination