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Dr. Thomas C. Mackey

Thomas Mackey

Gottschalk Hall 201C                                                                                             


General Field:  U. S. History

Areas of Specialization: American constitutional and legal, 19th century, Abraham Lincoln,  Civil War Era

              Pornography on Trial   Pursuing Johns   American Civil War Era Vol.1

In 1984, Thomas C. Mackey earned his Ph.D. in United States Legal and Constitutional History from Rice University and, in 1984-85, he served as a Samuel Golieb Legal History Post-Doctoral Fellow at the New York University School of Law.  He has taught at the Michigan State University, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and the Kansas State University before joining the History faculty at the University of Louisville in 1991.  He served as Chair of the History Department from 1999 to 2004.  He also teaches at the Brandeis School of Law, University of Louisville.

 His field of research is United States Legal and Constitutional History.  His research focuses on the legal and constitutional issues in the era of Abraham Lincoln, the middle period of the Nineteenth Century.  His most recent published work is a multi-volume work, A Documentary History of the American Civil War Era, and he is working on a monograph-length project tentatively entitled, ' It cant be cald stealin': Common Law Among Civil War Soldiers.”

 Courses Taught:

 History 101: History of Civilizations

History 105, History of Civilizations, Honors.

History 304: Historical Methods

History 315: United States Constitutional History I

History 316: United States Constitutional History II

History 519: Gilded Age and Progressive Era

History 524: Civil War and Reconstruction

History 601: Directed Readings

History 611: The Era of Lincoln

History 611: United States Legal History


Law 838: Legal History

Law 852: Seminar: Legal Problems in the Revolutionary and Constitutional Era

Law 852: Seminar: Legal Problems in the Civil War and Reconstruction Era

 Latest Master of Arts students:

             University of Louisville, May 2012, William A. Cummings, “Groping in the Dark: WHAS Radio’s Early History”

             University of Louisville, May 2012, Carl W. Pagles, “An Analysis of the Fall of General George B. McClellan.”

             University of Louisville, May 2012, Curtis Shawn Parmley, “’The Greatest Evil That Can Befall Us’: Unionism in Antebellum Era Kentucky, 1849-1861.”


Latest Undergraduate Honors students:

March 2012, Eric Kiser, “Robert E. Lee: Savior of Washington College.”

 March 2012, James B. Shepard, “Prigg v. Pennsylvania and Law of Slavery: A Conflict between Freedom and Bondage.”

 March 2011, Sean Williamson, “The Jurisprudence of Associate Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.: Consistency, Change, and Free Speech.”

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