Conference Program

85th Annual Meeting of the Society for Military History

 Landscapes of War and Peace

April 5 - 8, 2018, Louisville, Kentucky

Online Conference Program

Please find the online/web-based conference program for SMH 2018 by clicking on the link above or below. The program is also available for free with our mobile app.

A few key events from the program:

  • Opening Reception at the Frazier History Museum on Thursday, 6pm (all registered conference attendees welcome)
  • Award Winners Dinner on Thursday, 8pm (invitation only)
  • Chinese Military History Conference on Thursday (separate CFP)
  • Book Exhibit with 25+ exhibitors on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning
  • Editorial Breakfast on Friday (Invitation only)
  • SMH Membership Meeting on Friday, 5pm
  • Robert Harry Berlin Student Reception at Patrick O'Shea's Whiskey Cellar on Friday, 6pm (students only - others by invitation only)
  • Young Scholars Panels (B.A. and M.A. Students) and Poster Session on Saturday, 8.30am
  • SMH and McConnell Center Teacher Day Lunch & Learn Lecture for K-12 teachers on Saturday, noon (registered K-12 teachers only)
  • Keynote Address by Dr. Christopher Phillips, University of Cincinnati, on the history of the Ohio Valley during the U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction on Saturday, 6pm (all registered conference attendees welcome)
  • Evening Reception following the Keynote Address on Saturday, April 7 (all registered conference attendees welcome)

Thanks to the new software for our submissions, we can now provide more features in the online conference program. We believe this added information will be of considerable value to all conference attendees:

  • Searchable (by name or session title)
  • Sortable (by day)
  • Linked (click on a session title to see the session and individual paper abstracts)

Our apologies, however, for the order in which the panel/roundtable participants are listed in the online program. The software simply goes by the order in which participants were entered in the submission portal. This is something we cannot fix in the online program this year but we will work on a solution for next year. Please bear with us. The printed program and the mobile app display each panel/roundtable in the traditional order.


Daniel Krebs (2018 SMH Conference Coordinator) & Kara Vuic (2018 SMH Program Chair)

 Online Conference Program