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Public History Alumni

Public History Alumni



We are delighted by the success of our graduates.  Public history alumni have obtained employment with leading historical organizations and institutions.  Some have gone on to pursue further educational credentials, and others are working as independent consultants.   


Please check back often for updates.  We add information as often as possible.



Recipients of Graduate Certificate in Public History


Zac Distel                                Graduated May 2013.  Also received M.A. in art.  Currently pursuing Ph.D. in art at the University of Louisville.


Amber Duke                            Graduated December 2011.  Director of Communications for the Kentucky Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union since December 2012.  Former staff member of Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice, University of Louisville. 


Kim Kelley                              Graduated May 2013. 


Jennifer Oladipo                      Graduated May 2012.  Also earned M.A. in Pan-African studies.  Currently employed as program coordinator at the Upcountry History Museum in Greenville, S.C.  Previously employed as the Archives and Collections Manager at the BMW Car Club of America Foundation in Greenville, S.C. (June 2011-June 2012). 


Mary Pace                                Graduated December 2012.  Currently seeking employment.


Kate Sowada                            Graduated May 2012.  Also received M.A. in art.  Employed as an oral history specialist with the Kentucky Historical Society.


Marcy Werner                          Graduated December 2012.  Also received M.A. in art.  Employed as photographic curator in the University Archives and Special Collections Division of Ekstrom Library, University of Louisville.  Also manages, a website that explores local history through historic photographs.



History M.A. Recipients


Robert Goforth.                       Graduated May 2013.  Did major field in public history.


Allen Gwinn                            Graduated December 2012.  Did minor field in public history.  Currently employed as lead historical interpreter at the Hermitage, Nashville, Tenn.


Meredith Isabelle                     Graduated December 2011.  Did major field in public history.  Currently pursuing M.Ed. at the University of Louisville.


Patricia Rowell-Johnson          Graduated December 2011.  Did minor field in public history.


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