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The online version of the University of Louisville GRADUATE CATALOG is provided and maintained by the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies as a service to the university community.  If your program is not submitted in the Graduate Catalog by the deadline date then it will not be available until next year. Departments needing to update information about graduate programs should use the Graduate Catalog Update Site. Each graduate program must have a representative who is authorized to make changes to program listings on the update site. These changes must be sent by the chair or dean of the school.


April 3 – deadline to submit changes
May 1 – begin transfer from update-site to live-site

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    For more detailed instructions, please see the documentation.

    Questions about the use of the website, technical issues, training sessions or if you would like to add/remove a person’s access to your program may be directed to Shane Welch by phone at 852-3170 or by email at shane.welch@louisville.edu.

    If you have questions about policies governing graduate school education may be directed to Courtney Kerr by phone at 852-6497 or by email at clkerr01@louisville.edu.




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