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Rank 1 Program in Special Education - Advanced Practitioner P-12

Major: SPE
Degree Awarded: NON
Unit: GE
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Program Information

Rank I Program in Special Education Advanced Practitioner P-12

Admission Requirements:  Admission to the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies and a Masters degree or Rank II.


Inquiry (Critical Thinker) (3 credit hours)

ELFH 601 Applied Statistics (or research course equivalency approved by advisor)
EDSP 639  Education Research in P-12 Setting     
Advocacy (Professional Leader) (6 credit hours)
Leadership (Select one of the following) (3 credit hours) 3
EDSP 651  Professional and Ethical Practice of Applied Behavior Analysis  
EDSP 652  Academic and Behavior Response to Intervention  
EDAP 607  Leadership and Change  
EDAP 624  Curriculum Theory  
EDAP 637  Using Assessment to Improve Student Achievement  
ELFH 603  Administrative Leadership in a Reform Environment  
ELFH 613  Administration and Supervision in Special Education  
ELFH 636  Shaping School Culture  
Diversity (Select one of the following) (3 credit hours) 3
EDSP 545  Exceptional Child in the Regular Classroom  
EDAP 521  Teaching English Learners in the Classroom  
EDAP 638  Instructional Strategies for Diverse Learners  
EDAP 642  Literacy Learning & Cultural Differences  
EDTP 503/403  Developing Cross-Cultural Competencies  
WMST 556 Feminist Theory  
Action (Problem Solver) (3 credit hours)  
EDSP 669  Single Subject Research Design  
EDSP 650  Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis  
Or capstone course equivalency approved by advisor*  
Area of Emphasis (at least 15 credit hours)
Electives (3 credit hours) 
Minimum Credit Hours Required:   

Midpoint Requirement:  Candidates are required to submit a mid-point performance assessment to their faculty advisor at the completion of 15 credit hours of coursework.  The faculty advisor will assess the candidate's performance assessment, which must be at the target or satisfactory level.  The performance assessment must address content, classroom environment, teaching, assessing, and reflection, and an artifact such as a video, to document professional learning.

Exit Requirement:  Hallmark Assessment Task for EDSP 669 or equivalent project that demonstrates proficiency in the Advanced-Level Kentucky Teacher Standards.

*Course project must address all of the Advanced-Level Kentucky Teacher Standards.


1.  Minimum of 15 credit hours in 600-level courses is required.

2.  Up to 15 credit hours of graduate credit may be transferred to the Rank I program, as long as the student will have completed 60 credit hours of approved graduate credit including a Masters degree at the end of the Rank I program.  Transfer credit must be officially accepted by the advisor and final acceptance is dependent upon receipt of official transcripts.

3. In the Rank I program, at least 15 credit hours of new graduate coursework must be taken at the University of Louisville.

4.  To complete the program, students must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0.  No credit shall be accepted for carrying a grade lower than a "B-".

Departmental Faculty

Debra Bauder

Associate Professor

Justin Cooper

Assistant Professor

Ginevra Courtade

Assistant Professor

Monica Delano

Assistant Professor

Tim Landrum
Associate Professor

Director of Doctoral Program

Amy Lingo
Associate Professor

Assistant Chair of Special Education Department

Robert Pennington

Assistant Professor

Terry Scott

Chair of Special Education Department

Thomas Simmons
Associate Professor

Contact Information

Special Education

Special Education Department

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