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Master of Engineering in Engineering Management

Major: EM
Degree Awarded: MEng.
Unit: SP
Program Webpage:

Program Information

General Information

The Department of Industrial Engineering of the J. B. Speed School of Engineering offers an online program in Engineering Management. The program is designed to build upon the mathematical and analytical expertise gained from prior engineering or related scientific education as well as upon his or her professional experience gained in the course of active engineering employment. The University of Louisville is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award master’s degrees. 

Admission Standards

The admission standards for the M.Eng.. program in Engineering Management are as follows:

  1. All admission applications for the program shall include:
    1. a completed application for University of Louisville graduate admission,
    2. an application fee,
    3. at least two letters of recommendation, and
    4. official transcript(s) for all previous post-secondary coursework.  All transcripts not in English must be certified as authentic and translated verbatim into English.
  2. The minimum requirement for admission is the Bachelor of Science degree or its equivalent in engineering or related scientific field from an accredited institution. 
  3. The minimum undergraduate grade point average that will be considered for unconditional acceptance and admission to the program is 2.75 on a 4.00 scale. 
  4. Admission in good standing shall be made only if all admission credentials have been received, evaluated and approved and all academic requirements met.  A student may be admitted provisionally if academic requirements are met but application materials are incomplete (usually missing letters of recommendation or official transcripts).  Students have one semester to furnish any credentials missing at the time of admission and may not enroll for a second consecutive term in provisional status. 
  5. Any conditional acceptance shall be made on an individual basis and shall require a statement of the rationale for the exception, plans for monitoring progress and performance and stated success criteria.  Such justification must be provided in writing and must be accepted by the program chair and the Speed School Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.   This will allow consideration of special circumstances in which the potential for acceptable graduate performance has been clearly demonstrated by other means.  
  6. International students whose primary language is not English must show English language proficiency by either:
    1. total score of 80 or higher on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Internet-based test or 6.5 or higher on the IELTS, or
    2. successfully completing the exit examination for the advanced level of the Intensive English as a Second Language Program at the University of Louisville, or
    3. demonstration of a degree award from an acceptable English language institution.



All graduate students are expected to make steady and satisfactory progress toward the completion of degrees.  A candidate for the Master of Engineering degree who does not register for credit hours must maintain active registration by paying a fee each semester for M.Eng. residency until the degree is awarded (i.e., the candidate must maintain continuous registration, including summer terms, in Graduate Studies). Failure to pay the M. Eng residency fee will be cause to cancel a student’s candidacy.  Students who are not enrolled for a period of more than 12 months will be considered to have withdrawn from the program.  In order to be restored to candidacy, the student must have the recommendation of the department chair, receive the approval of the Associate Dean and pay the fee for each of the semesters during which the candidacy was void.

Academic Performance

The J.B. Speed School of Engineering has established the following performance policies:

  1. The minimum grade point average requirement for good standing and satisfaction of degree requirements is 3.00 for all academic work completed while in graduate studies. 
  2. Any student who does not satisfy the published performance criteria shall be placed in probationary status. Any student who remains in probationary status for two consecutive terms may be considered for dismissal from the program.
  3. Students who fail to meet performance goals or who do not meet other requirements as outlined in the admission letter, program requirements or the university catalog may be subject to academic dismissal from their programs.

Degree Requirements

The following degree requirements are mandatory of all Master of Engineering candidates:

  1. The Program of Study must be completed with a 3.00 GPA or better for all academic work attempted in Graduate Studies.
  2. Masters students must take at least 24 hours of course work from the University of Louisville to satisfy the residency requirement for the master’s degree. A maximum of six hours of graduate credit may be transferred from accredited institutions.
  3. The total requirements must be completed within six years after admission into Graduate Studies. The time limit imposed by the rule may be extended in individual cases upon recommendation of the department chair and approval of the Associate Dean for Academics.


Graduate Studies – M.Eng.

This Program of Study was approved for students entering Graduate Studies in the Summer 2014 - Spring 2015 catalog year. The Master of Engineering in Engineering Management degree requires the following courses.

EM/IE Electives1 21
Technical Electives1
1 Electives must be chosen so that at least one-half of the credits counted toward the degree, exclusive of thesis, are 600-level. Technical Electives may be taken within or outside the Department and up to 6 hours may be from Business Administration programs. All selections require the approval of the student's faculty advisor.
2 Candidates for the Master of Engineering degree must have a minimum final cumulative grade point average of 3.00 for all academic course work attempted in Graduate Studies.  A maximum of six hours of graduate level courses taken as an undergraduate may be used to satisfy M.Eng. degree requirements; these courses cannot have been used to also satisfy B.S. degree requirements.

Departmental Faculty

The Graduate Faculty of the J.B. Speed School of Engineering will be responsible for the teaching, training, and mentoring of graduate students and postdoctoral students within the Speed School. Membership in the Graduate Faculty shall be required to teach a course for which graduate credit is available and will be required to serve on a graduate student’s thesis or dissertation committee in either an advisory or chairmanship capacity. The Graduate Faculty of other units may serve as external members of the committees. Additionally, membership in the Graduate Faculty will be required to act as mentors for the supervision of research by students working toward degrees authorized through the Graduate Program within the J.B. Speed School of Engineering. 

Members of the Graduate Faculty with an Ad hoc appointment can be approved by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs to teach a graduate course or serve as an advisor or chair (mentor) on a graduate thesis or dissertation committee for a limited and specified period of time upon request from the Departmental Chair.

The following faculty have permanent appointments as Graduate Faculty of the J.B. Speed School of Engineering:

Alexander, Suraj M.
Ph.D.; Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Professor of Industrial Engineering
Acting Chair of Industrial Engineering

Bae, Ki-Hwan
Ph.D.; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering

Bai, Lihui
Ph.D.; University of Florida

Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering

DePuy, Gail W.
Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology

Professor of Industrial Engineering

Holman, G. Talley
Ph.D., Auburn University

Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering

Stucker, Brent
Ph.D., Texas A&M University

Professor of Industrial Engineering

Usher, John S.
Ph.D., North Carolina State

Professor of Industrial Engineering
Associate Dean for Administration, Planning and Faculty Affairs

Yang, Li
Ph.D., North Carolina State University
Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering

Wilhelm, Mickey R.
Ph.D., University of Alabama
Professor of Industrial Engineering
Dean Emeritus of J.B. Speed School of Engineering

Contact Information

Engineering Management - MEng.

Dr. C. Tim Hardin
Assistant Professor and MEEMO Program Director
Phone: (502)852-1697

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