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Master of Education in Reading Education

Major: RE
Degree Awarded: MED
Unit: GE
Program Webpage:

Program Information

This program is no longer admitting students; it has been replaced by the M.Ed. in Literacy.

The Teacher Literacy Leadership Program will provide an M.Ed. in Reading Education which includes the Kentucky Reading and Writing Endorsement (P-12).

Admission  Requirements

Teaching certification in P-12 Area, Admission to M.Ed. in Reading program, Meeting with faculty advisor to discuss KYETS, U of L Program Themes, Conceptual Framework, and IRA Standards,  baccalaureate degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution, two letters of recommendation, minimum combined score of 800 on the GRE, Test of English as a Foreign Language required of all foreign students from countries in which English is not the native language, a copy of a Kentucky teaching certificate, and 2.75 cumulative grade point average.


Research (3 hours) 
ELFH 600  Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics3
Leadership (3 hours) 
EDAP 641  Literacy Leadership and School-wide Planning3
Diversity (3 hours) 
EDAP 642  Literacy Learning and Cultural Differences3
Curriculum and Instruction (3 hours) 
EDAP 639  Advanced Reading Methods P-123
Area of Emphasis (21 hours) 
EDAP 610  Literacy Research and Theory3
EDAP 614  Supporting Struggling Readers and Writers3
EDAP 615  Measurement and Diagnosis of Literacy3
EDAP 618  Capstone Practicum in Literacy: Reading Specialist3
EDAP 678  Language Knowledge and Acquisition3
EDAP 679  Capstone Practicum in Literacy: Literacy Coach3
EDAP 693  Teaching Writing P-123
Electives (3 hours) 
EDAP 540  Teaching Adolescent Readers3
EDAP 604  Teacher Leadership: Mentoring and Coaching3
EDAP 624  Curriculum Theory3
EDAP 643  Emergent Literacy3
EDAP 644  Reading/Writing Workshop3
EDAP 645  Advanced Studies in Children’s Literature3
EDAP 687  Literacy, Teaching, and Technology3
EDAP 694  Special Topics in Writing3
Course approved by Advisor3
Total hours for M.Ed. in Reading (includes six  hours supervised practicum)36

Special Program or Institutes * (These are selective programs.)  (See Special Programs note below)

EDAP 694  Kentucky Reading Project3
EDAP 612  Louisville Writing Project 3
EDAP 694  Reading Recovery6
NBPTS:     English Language Arts Early &  Middle Childhood Literacy: 
               Reading-Language Arts OR 
               Early Adolescence OR 
               Adolescence and Young Adult (may count three hours)6
EDAP        Kentucky Institute for Arts in Education3


Mid-Point AssessmentReview program on KY Experienced Teacher Standards, U of L Program Themes, Conceptual Framework, and International Reading Association Standards for Reading Professionals (2003). Two of five standards completed for culminating Reading Specialist/Literacy Coach portfolio based on the IRA Standards. One Capstone Practicum completed, EDAP 618.

Exit Assessment:  Updated Self-Report on Kentucky Experienced Teacher Standards, U of L Program Themes, Conceptual Framework, and IRA Standards for Reading Professionals (2003); Academic average of “B”; no grade lower than “C”; completed Reading Specialist/Literacy Coach Portfolio based on IRA Standards; passing score on PRAXIS for Reading Specialist

* Special Programs note:

1.  Some special programs are three graduate credit hours. If the advisor approves, three hours may be substituted for an appropriate required course, or candidates may choose to apply three hours as the elective.

2.  Some special programs are six graduate credit hours. If the advisor approves, three hours may be substituted for an appropriate required course, and three hours may be used as the elective. As an alternative, candidates may choose to apply three hours as an elective and apply the additional three hours toward a Rank I or doctoral program.

Departmental Faculty

Jenny Bay-Williams

Professor; Chair of Middle/Secondary Education Department; Mathematics Education

Nina Beck

Instructor, Early Childhood Education

Latricia Bronger

Instructor, Middle and Secondary Education Department

Peggy Brooks

Instructor and Coordinator of the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program

E. Todd Brown

Associate Professor, Mathematics Education

Sherri Brown

Associate Professor; Assistant Chair of Early Childhood/Elementary Education Department; Science Education

William Bush

Professor; Director of Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Teacher Division; Mathematics Education

Janet Calvert

Instructor; Coordinator of Alternative Certification Program; Alternative Certification

Betty Doyle

Instructor, Early Childhood Education

Claudia George

Instructor, Science Education

Penny Howell

Assistant Professor, Literacy and Middle Grades Education

Jill Jacobi-Vessels

Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education

Karen Karp

Professor, Mathematics Education

Diane Kyle

Professor; Chair of Early Childhood/ Elementary Education Department; Elementary Curriculum

Ann Larson

Professor and Vice Dean; English Education

Maggie McGatha

Associate Professor; Assistant Chair of Middle/Secondary Education Department; Mathematics Education

Lori Norton-Meier

Associate Professor, Reading Education

Susan Peters

Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education

Bob Ronau

Professor, Mathematics Education

Gina Schack

Professor, Gifted Education

Caroline Sheffield

Assistant Professor, Social Studies Education

Christine Sherretz

Assistant Professor, Literacy Education

Melissa Shirley

Assistant Professor, Science Education

Steve Swan

Instructor; Director of Instructional Technology Program; Instructional Technology and Special Education

Shelley Thomas

Assistant Professor, Social Studies Education

Thomas Tretter

Associate Professor and Director of Gheens Science Hall and Rauch Planetarium; Science Education

Ingrid Weiland

Assistant Professor, Science Education

Jean Wolph

Instructor and Director of Louisville Writing Project; Literacy

Contact Information

Reading Education - MEd.

Lori Norton-Meier

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