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Master of Education in Middle School Education

Major: MSED
Degree Awarded: MED
Unit: GE
Program Webpage:

Program Information

This program is no longer admitting new students.  It has been replaced by the M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership.


Admission Requirements: Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, two letters of recommendation, minimum combined score of 800 on the GRE, Test of English as a Foreign Language required of all foreign students from countries in which English is not the native language, a copy of a Kentucky teaching certificate, and 2.75 cumulative grade point average, or 2.75 grade point average for the senior college years.

Program Admission Procedure

  • Holds certification in a 5-9 area.
  • Admission into Graduate School.
  • Completion of Official Program with advisor are required.



Inquiry (Critical Thinker) (6 hours) 
EDAP 606 Orientation and Readings (take in first semester of enrollment)3
ELFH 600 Introduction to Research Methods & Statistics3
Advocacy (Professional Leader) (6 hours) 
Leadership: (select one of the following) (3 hours) 
EDAP 607 Leadership and change OR3
EDAP 625 Social and Ethical Dev. of Teaching OR3
EDAP 624 Curriculum Theory OR3
ELFH 603 Administrative Leadership in a Reform Environment3
Diversity: (Select one of the following) (3 hours) 
EDAP 626 Affirming Diversity3
EDAP 642 Literacy Learning & Cultural Differences OR3
EDTP 503 Developing Cross-Cultural Competence OR3
Action (Problem Solver) (3 hours) 
EDAP 680 Capstone Course3
AREA OF EMPHASIS (At least 12 credits) 
Elective (3 hours) 
Minimum total hours:

Midpoint Requirement: M.Ed. candidates are required to submit a mid-program portfolio to a faculty advisor at the completion of 15 credit hours of course work. The faculty advisor will assess the candidate's portfolio, which must be at the target or satisfactory level. If this mid-point portfolio requirement is not met a candidate will be prohibited from course registration beyond 15 credit hours.

Exit Requirements:
Portfolio or Master’s Thesis (EDAP 699)


  1. Minimum of 18 hours in 600-level courses is required.
  2. Transfer credit must be officially accepted by the advisor (maximum of 6 hours) - final acceptance is dependent upon receipt of official transcripts and approval by the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies.
  3. A maximum of 6 hours taken in non-degree status can be applied toward a master's degree (upon approval of advisor).
  4. All courses must be completed within 6 years of admission to the program.
  5. To complete the program, students must have minimum of a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.  No credit shall be accepted for carrying a grade lower than "C"

Departmental Faculty

Jennifer Bay-Williams


Peggy Brooks

KTIP Coordinator

William S. Bush

Director of Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Teacher Development

Janet Calvert

Coordinator of Alternative Certification Program

Penny Howell

Assistant Professor

Ann Larson

Vice Dean and Professor

Maggie McGatha

Associate Professor

Danna Morrison

Coordinator of Field & Clinical Placements

Susan Peters

Assistant Professor

Bob Ronau


Gina Schack


Caroline Sheffield

Assistant Professor

Melissa Shirley

Assistant Professor

Shelley Thomas

Assistant Professor

Thomas Tretter
Associate Professor

Director, Gheens Science Hall Rauch Planetarium

Jean Wolph
Director, Louisville Writing Project

Contact Information

Middle School Education - MEd. (This program is no longer admitting new students.  It has been replaced by the M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership.)

Jenny Bay-Williams

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