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Master of Arts in Mathematics

Major: MATH
Degree Awarded: MA
Unit: GA
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Program Information

Appropriate preparation for an Master of Arts in Mathematics is undergraduate coursework equivalent to a major in mathematics from an accredited university. This should include a one-year course in either analysis or abstract algebra, equivalent to Mathematics 501-502 and 521-522 at the University of Louisville. Candidates who have not taken both must complete them in the second year of their M.A. program.


Degree Requirements:

  1. Candidates must complete a program of study approved by the department. All courses (maximum of 12 credit hours total) taken outside the Department of Mathematics must have prior departmental approval.
  2. All students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of non-thesis graduate credit, including at least 15 credit hours in the Department of Mathematics, with one full-year sequence in courses numbered 601 through 689.
  3. Students must satisfy one of the following three requirements:
    • Master's Level Examination Option: Pass written examination in three areas of mathematics chosen from a list prepared by the department. At most, two attempts are allowed. Examinations will be approved and administered by the departmental Graduate Studies Committee.
    • Thesis Option: Write a thesis on an advanced topic in the mathematical sciences. A total of two full-year sequences among courses numbered 601 through 689 must be completed.
    • Ph.D. Qualifier Option: Pass two qualifier examinations for the departmental Ph.D. Program. These examinations need not be taken together and each may be attempted at most twice.
  4. Students choosing the Thesis Option must pass a final oral examination described under "Requirements for the Master's Degree" in the General Information section of the Graduate Catalog.

Early Start Program 
The Master of Arts in Teaching program in conjunction with the undergraduate programs in Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics offers a comprehensive and professionally-focused program leading to an additional degree of MAT Middle or Secondary Education. This early start program enables superior students to receive two degrees within five years. A total of 150 credits are required for the dual degrees: 123 credits of course work devoted toward the baccalaureate degree and 36 credits toward the MAT (nine hours are double counted). This program will be available for students who are entering their junior year.  They may take graduate level courses in the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) in their 4th year.

The current qualifications for the joint degree program have been agreed upon by discipline faculty from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Education and Human Development. The criteria vary by discipline.


  1. Students must have at least 21 credit hours of mathematics required for the BA with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in those courses.
  2. Applications will be reviewed by the Graduate Committee of the Mathematics Department and the Secondary MAT Screening Committee, and the applicant must be approved by both committees.
  3. Once approved, the student may take a maximum of nine (9) hours for graduate credit while in undergraduate status, which can also apply to the requirements for the BA in Mathematics. All graduate coursework must be approved by the student's MAT faculty advisor.
  4. Students enrolling in the accelerated program will be non-thesis students and must adhere to all policies pertaining to Graduate Students.
  5. All students must submit an application to the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) MAT program and meet the admission criteria.

Accelerated M.A. Option in Mathematics
Students must apply for admission to the program no later than the end of the junior year and must have completed MATH 205, 206, 301, and 325, or equivalent courses, prior to application.

Applicants must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.5, and minimum GPA of 3.66 in mathematics courses.  As part of the combined degree, students must complete MATH 405 and at least four (4) of the following: MATH 501, 502, 521, 522, 561, 562, or 581, including at least one sequence from among these courses.

The student may take a maximum of nine (9) hours for graduate credit, which will also apply to the requirements for the baccalaureate degree in Mathematics. All 600-level courses numbered 689 or below qualify, as do 500-level courses, when completed in accord with the stipulations for graduate credit outlined in the syllabus.

Departmental Faculty

Thomas Riedel
Department Chair

Csaba Bíro
Assistant Professor

Mary E. Bradley
Associate Professor

Udayan B. Darji

Richard M. Davitt

Arnab Ganguly
Assistant Professor

Roger H. Geeslin

Ryan S. Gill
Associate Professor 
Graduate Advisor

Changbing Hu
Associate Professor

Chakram S. Jayanthi
Adjunct Professor

Thomas M. Jenkins

André Kézdy
Director of Graduate Studies

Lael F. Kinch

Ewa Kubicka

Grzegorz Kubicki

Hamid Kulosman
Associate Professor

Lee Larson


Kiseop Lee
Associate Professor

Bingtuan Li

Jiaxu Li
Associate Professor

Jinjia Li
Assistant Professor

Robert B. McFadden

Alica Miller
Associate Professor

Robert Powers
Distinguished Teaching Professor 
Assistant Chair

Prasanna Sahoo

Steven Seif
Associate Professor

David Swanson
Associate Professor 
Undergraduate Director

Cristina Tone
Assistant Professor

David J. Wildstrom
Associate Professor

W. Wiley Williams

Shi-Yu Wu
Adjunct Professor

Yongzhi Steve Xu

Stephen Young
Assistant Professor

Wei-Bin Zeng
Associate Professor

Contact Information

Mathematics - MA

Andre Kezdy, Professor
Director of Graduate Studies

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