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Graduate Certificate in Asian Studies

Degree Awarded: CERT
Unit: GA
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Program Information

The Graduate Certificate in Asian Studies is a graduate-level interdisciplinary program housed in the College of Arts and Sciences. It allows you to learn more about the peoples of China, India, and Japan from the perspectives of art history, geography, history, religious studies, political science, sociology, and theatre arts.  The fifteen-hour program may be completed as a “stand alone” program, or in conjunction with other graduate programs, for example the MA in History or Political Science, or the PhD in Art History or Humanities.

You must take 15 credit hours in graduate courses with an Asian emphasis.  At least three of the five required courses must be at the 600 level, and the five courses must be drawn from at least three of the following disciplines: Anthropology, Art History, Classical and Modern Languages, Geography, History, Humanities, Political Science, Sociology, Theatre Arts, or Women’s and Gender Studies.  A minimum of three credit hours must be in the Division of Humanities (exclusive of language courses), and at least 3 hours must be in the Division of Social Sciences.

To complete the Graduate Certificate, you must demonstrate reading knowledge in one of the following: Chinese, Japanese, or another language designated as an Asian language by the Program Director.

With the approval of the Program Director, an internship in a community or local business may be substituted for three (3) credit hours of classwork.  To be eligible for this substitution, the internship must involve work that is primarily connected with Asia or Asian-Americans in some way.


Course Description Hours
ARTH 531 Studies in Asian Art 3
AST   641 Clash of Civilizations in the 21st Century 3
HIST  561 U.S. and Vietnam -WR 3
HIST  584 Women in East Asia 3
HIST  591 Civilizations of Ancient and Medieval India - WR 3
HIST  592 Civilizations of Modern India - WR 3
HIST  598 Nationalism and Modernity in East Asia 3
SOC   520 Sociology of South Asia 3
TA     567 Asian Theatre 3

Departmental Faculty

Jason Abbott

Professor, Political Science

Moon-he Baik

Associate Professor, Fine Arts

Ying Kit Chan

Professor, Fine Arts

Margaret D'Silva

Professor, Communications

Shiping Hua

Professor, Political Science

Delin Lai

Assistant Professor, Fine Arts 

Yuxin Ma

Associate Professor, History

John McLeod

Professor, History

Patrick Pranke

Assistant Professor, Humanities

Wei Song

Associate Professor, Geography and Geosciences

Li Zeng

Associate Professor, Classical and Modern Languages

Jianhua Zhao

Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Haifeng Zhang

Assistant Professor, Geography and Geosciences

Charles Ziegler

Professor, Political Science

Contact Information

Asian Studies - Certificate

Dr. Shiping Hua

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