Graduate Certificate in Data Mining

Degree Awarded: CERT
Unit: GS
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Program Information

To address the need for trained professionals in the interdisciplinary field of data mining, the Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) and the Department of Mathematics faculty have developed a joint certificate program in data mining. The certificate will consist of 18 credit hours, with three required courses from CECS and three elective courses selected from a list of relevant elective courses in CECS and Mathematics.

Admission Requirements

For continuing studies as non-degree student:

  • Undergraduate Degree in technically related field or technical experience
  • Knowledge of calculus
  • Graduate application and application fee

For degree status (those who want to continue for MS or Ph.D)
Additional Requirements:

  • GRE scores
  • Two letters of recommendation


Required courses and activities

Three required Computer Engineering courses:

  • CECS 535 Introduction to Databases OR CECS 536 Data Management and Analysis
  • CECS 632 Data Mining
  • CECS 635 Data Mining with Linear Models

Three elective courses chosen from the following list of courses:

  • CECS 619 Algorithms
  • CECS 621 Web Mining for E-commerce
  • CECS 660 Intro to Bioinformatics
  • CECS 622 Simulation and Modeling of Discrete Systems
  • CECS 545 Artificial Intelligence
  • CECS 522 Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems
  • CECS 694 Selected Topics in Data Mining: Legal Issues in Data Mining
  • CECS 694 Selected Topics in Data Mining: BIG DATA: Document-oriented DB
  • CECS 694 Selected Topics Related Data Mining
  • CECS 563 Experimental Design
  • CECS 630 Advanced Databases and Data Warehousing
  • MATH 560 Intro to Statistical Data Analysis
  • MATH 561 Probability Theory
  • MATH 562 Mathematical Statistics
  • MATH 566 Nonparametric Statistics
  • MATH 667 Methods of Classification


Mehmed Kantardzic

Director of Graduate Studies