Doctor of Audiology

Major: AUDI
Degree Awarded: Au.D.
Unit: GM
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Program Information

The Doctor of Audiology Degree (Au.D.) is a four-year post-bachelor's degree program leading to a professional degree conferred by the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies. The program is physically located within the Louisville Medical Center and the University of Louisville Health Sciences Campus and administratively located in the Division of Communicative Disorders in the Department of Surgery. The faculty are committed to the clinical focus of the Au.D. degree and endeavor to bring real-world experiences to bear on the teaching environment. The faculty and staff of the Audiology Section actively participate in the provision of clinical services in both hospital and private practice arenas.

Students benefit by working side by side with the faculty and staff in an active and dynamic medical environment. Students will be able to interact with faculty, residents and medical students from other disciplines such as otolaryngology, speech pathology and pediatrics, not only in the provision of clinical services, but also in teaching and research endeavors.

Program Admission Procedure

Admission to the program will be for Fall term only, and applications must be received by January 1 of the application year. Applicants should submit:

  • all undergraduate transcripts
  • GRE scores
  • three letters of recommendation

Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and minimum cumulative GRE score of 300 to apply. Admission to the program is based on a favorable review of application material and an interview with the admissions committee.


The Doctor of Audiology degree program has been designed to meet the content and experience guidelines developed over the past decade by numerous professional organizations and associations. Curricular content areas and competencies are outlined as follows.

The curriculum begins with the student spending a significant amount of time in the classroom with a minimum amount of time in the clinical environment. Over the course of the four years, the ratio of classroom to clinic time reverses, so that the last year consists of virtually full-time clinical experience. During the fourth year, students will be given options for practical experiences in a variety of sites around the country.

This is a typical 4-year curriculum.  This is subject to change.

YearSemesterCourse#TitleCredit Hours
1FallAUDI 600Anatomy & Physiology for Communication Sciences3
AUDI 604Essential Techniques in Audiometry for Pediatrics and Adults3
AUDI 606Acoustics3
AUDI 614Clinical Techniques I1
AUDI 610Clinical Clerkship I1
Total Credit Hours11
SpringAUDI 626Assessment & Management of Vestibular Disorders3
AUDI 624Amplification Technology3
AUDI 622Electrophysiologic Techniques in Audiology3
AUDI 615Clinical Techniques II2
AUDI 610Clinical Clerkship I1
Total Credit Hours12
SummerAUDI 654Assessment & Management of Auditory Processing Disorders3
AUDI 630Amplification Selection & Fitting3
AUDI 625Audiologic Counseling2
AUDI 610Clinical Clerkship I1
Total Credit Hours9
2FallAUDI 652Prevention of Hearing Loss2
AUDI 629Cochlear Implants & Implantable Devices4
PSYC 646Hearing Science I3
AUDI 620Clinical Clerkship II2
Total Credit Hours11
SpringAUDI 646Medical Audiology3
AUDI 652Research Methods3
AUDI 638Educational Audiology3
AUDI 620Clinical Clerkship II2
Total Credit Hours12
SummerAUDI 616Genetics and Hearing Loss2
AUDI 620Clinical Clerkship II2
AUDI 632Professional Issues in Audiology2
AUDI 660Investigation in Audiologic Practice1-3
Total Credit Hours7
3FallAUDI 656Practice Management in Audiology3
AUDI 679Special Topics in Audiology2
AUDI 635Internship4
AUDI 660Investigation in Audiologic Practice1
Total Credit Hours10
SpringAUDI 612Pathology of the Auditory-Vestibular System3
AUDI 621Audiologic Rehabilitation3
AUDI 635Internship4
AUDI 660Investigation in Audiologic Practice1
Total Credit Hours11
SummerDOCT 600(Externship)1**
4FallDOCT 600(Externship)1**
SpringDOCT 600(Externship)1**

** Full-Time Status


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