Master of Arts in Teaching in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education

Major: IECE
Degree Awarded: MAT
Unit: GE
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Program Information

Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Birth to Primary Teacher Certification Program

The IECE program emphasizes in-depth academic preparation and field experiences that allow teachers to be knowledgeable about the field of early childhood/special education and to develop critical thinking and lifelong learning skills. The program emphasizes:

  • Nurturing students as active agents in their own learning
  • Authentic, performance-based assessment of teaching and learning
  • Meeting the needs of all students
  • Responding constructively to sociocultural differences among students

The program prepares students interested in working with children from birth to age 5 in a wide variety of settings—day care centers, public and private preschools, community programs, and clinics. This program gives students authentic experiences with infants, toddlers, and preschool children in the areas of curriculum development, typical and atypical child development, programs and services for children and their families, family involvement and intervention, screening and assessment, program administration, current topics, and practicum/action research.

The goals of this program include:

  • IECE Teacher Certification
  • Preparation of teachers for the education of typical and atypical children in different settings
  • Provide background information on Kentucky Child Learning and Assessment Standards


Initial Assessment: Admission to School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies and Teacher Education. Minimum undergraduate degree GPA 2.75, Minimum GRE scores as required by EPSB; three letters of recommendation; professional statement; signed Professional Code of Ethics/Technology User Agreement/Statement of Understanding of Admission Guidelines; Bachelor's degree; "C" or higher in English 102 and oral communication; interview.

EDTP 527 Inquiry into Early Childhood Education and Child Development 3
EDTP 532 Advanced Curriculum and Methods in Early Childhood Education 3
EDTP 533 Curriculum and Methods in Early Childhood Special Education 3
EDTP 536 Theories of Play3
EDTP 537 Infant/Toddler Development and Care 3
EDTP 635 Administration and Consultations:  Day Care and Early Childhood Education3
EDTP 641 Interdisciplinary Content Methods in Early Childhood Education 3
EDSP 684 Family Dynamics and Early Interventions in IECE3
EDSP 683 Early Childhood/Special Education Screening3
Course elective approved by advisor

Mid-Point Assessment:Prior to Student Teaching: No lower than 2.0 in EDTP 641; successful completion of all courses listed above except EDSP 684; Positive recommendation from Program Committee (including assessment of dispositions and mid-program portfolio). Electronic documentation of 200 hours of diverse and approved field experiences.

EDTP 614   Student Teaching (Birth to Primary)3
EDTP 615   Student Teaching (Primary) 3
Minimum total credit hours: 
Certification Assessment: After Student Teaching:  Satisfactory dispositions assessment; 2.0 or higher in student teaching; satisfactory certification portfolio;  Passing scores on required PRAXIS exams; Positive recommendation from ECEE Program Committee.


Degree Assessment: Satisfactory dispositions assessment, all program course work with 3.0 cumulative GPA (and no more than a total of two "C's" in degree courses, satisfactory degree portfolio.

Degree Candidacy: If not enrolled during the semester in which you are graduating, you will need to register for a degree candidacy as outlined in the graduate catalog under the section called academic policies and requirements.

Praxis Disclaimer: Teacher certification requirements are subject to change.  Before registering for certification test(s), please refer to the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) website at or for current requirements.


Kathryn Whitmore Barten

Endowed Chair

Sherri Brown
Associate Professor

Assistant Chair of Early Childhood and Elementary Education Department

Ginevra Courtade
Associate Professor

Assistant Chair of Special Education Department

Betty Doyle


Amy Seely Flint

Chair of Early Childhood and Elementary Education Department

Jill Jacobi-Vessels
Assistant Professor

Interim Director of Early Learning Campus

Timothy Landrum

Chair of Special Education Department

Lori Norton-Meier


Amy Stevens