Master of Arts in Teaching Health and Physical Education

Major: HPE
Degree Awarded: MAT
Unit: GE
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The master of arts in teaching health and physical education degree provides Kentucky certification in grades P-12.

The Departments of Teaching and Learning and Health and Sport Sciences are committed to the highest standards of professional preparation. Our programs have sought and received national accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Graduates of initial teacher certification programs at the University of Louisville begin their teaching careers secure in the knowledge that they have been prepared for the real world of classrooms through a rigorous teacher preparation program.

The degree offers school-based methods in the fall semester (August-December) in health and physical education for grades P-12. During the spring semester candidates complete 15 weeks of student teaching at both the elementary and secondary levels, a weekly seminar class and a reading and writing across the curriculum course. The program's schedule coincides with that of the public schools. Candidates progress through the program in a cohort group. The program is full-time and classes are offered only during the day.


Initial Assessment: Admission to School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies and admission to teacher education; minimum undergraduate degree GPA of 2.75; recommended minimum GRE scores as required by EPSB; Praxis II content exam registration and/or scores; three letters of recommendation; professional statement; bachelor’s degree with major in content area or appropriate prerequisite courses; "C" or higher in English 102 and oral communication course.

Prerequisites: ECPY 507607 or EDTP 107 Learning Theory and Human Growth and Development and EDTP 301 or 501 General Methods.

Course #    DescriptionCredit Hours
HSS 605   Teaching and Learning for Elementary Physical Education6
HSS 606   Teaching and Learning for Secondary Physical Education6
HSS 609   Methods in Practical Living:  Health6

Mid-point assessment: Prior to student teaching: All content methods classes listed above passed with a cumulative 3.0 GPA; positive recommendation from the Health and Physical Education Program Committee (includes assessment and mid-point portfolio); electronic documentation of 200 hours of diverse and approved field experiences.

Course #      DescriptionCredit Hours
HSS 611   Seminar in Student Teaching in Health and Physical Education3
HSS 612   Student Teaching in Elementary Physical Education I*4
HSS 613   Student Teaching in Middle/Secondary Physical Education II*4
EDTP 620 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum3
HSS 615   Student Teaching in Health Education4
Minimum total credit hours

*These courses are the exit requirements for this program. Includes teacher certification in P-12 health and physical education                                                        

Certification Assessment: After student teaching: Satisfactory dispositions assessment; all certification course work completed with 2.5 cumulative GPA; 2.5 cumulative GPA in content course requirements; 2.0 GPA or higher in each student teaching; satisfactory certification portfolio; passing scores on PRAXIS content and PLT exams; positive recommendation from Health and Physical Education Program Committee.

Degree Assessment: Satisfactory dispositions assessment; all program course work with 3.0 cumulative GPA (and no more than a total of two “C’s” in degree courses); satisfactory degree portfolio.

Degree Candidacy: Students not enrolled during the semester in which they intend to graduate must register for degree candidacy as outlined in the "Graduate Catalog Academic Policies, Procedures, and Requirements".

Praxis Disclaimer: Teacher certification requirements are subject to change. Before registering for certification test(s), please refer to the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) website at or for current requirements.


Cheryl A. Kolander


David Robertson


Carla Vidoni
Associate Professor