Graduate Certificate of Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Degree Awarded: CERT
Unit: GA
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Requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

  1. A total of eighteen (18) hours in courses approved for graduate credit in accordance with the policies of the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies.
  2. Nine (9) credits hours from the list of "Approved Medieval and Renaissance Courses" must be taken in the student's home department. These credit hours may also count towards the student's graduate degree. In cases where the student's home department does not offer a sufficient number of medieval and renaissance courses, the student may develop an alternative course of study with the approval of the program director.
  3. Nine (9) credits hours from the list of "Approved Medieval and Renaissance Courses" must be taken outside of the student's home department. These credits must be distributed as follows: three (3) credits from the list of courses designated by the program as "History and Culture Courses"; three (3) credits from the list of courses designated by the program as "Textual Studies Courses"; three (3) credits from the list of courses designated by the program as "Arts and Music Courses." Substitutions must be approved by the program director.
  4. Attendance at lectures and participation in workshops conducted each semester by visiting faculty selected by the graduate programs committee.
  5. Student must demonstrate reading knowledge at the M.A. level in one of the following: Latin, Greek, French, Italian, Hebrew, German, Spanish, Portuguese, or Arabic. Reading knowledge in other languages may be used to fulfill this requirement at the discretion of the program director. Reading knowledge may be demonstrated either by taking a language exam or by earning a "B" or above in a graduate level language course. Fulfillment of this requirement may overlap with the completion of a language requirement in the student's home department.
  6. At least six (6) hours must be at the 600 level.
  7. A single course may fulfill more than one of these requirements.
  8. Independent studies may not count towards the fulfillment of these requirements.
  9. 500-level courses taken for undergraduate credit may not count towards the fulfillment of these requirements. As is standard practice, those students enrolled in 500-level courses for credit towards the certificate must complete the requirements for graduate-level work specified by the instructor.
  10. Coursework towards the graduate certificate in medieval and renaissance studies may count towards the student's graduate degree.


Course #     DescriptionCredit Hours
Approved Medieval and Renaissance Courses (9 credit hours)
History and Culture (3 credit hours)
HIST 551    
Studies in Medieval History3
HIST 555English Medieval History, 1066 to 15003
HIST 571The Renaissance3
HIST 572Age of the Reformation3
HIST 591Civilizations of Ancient and Medieval India3
HIST 651Studies in Medieval History3
HIST 662Seminar in Early Modern European History3
HUM 592Perspectives on Medieval Culture3
HUM 593Perspectives on Early Modern Culture3
Textual Studies (3 credit hours)
ENGL 515Introduction to Old English3
ENGL 523History of the English Language3
ENGL 541Studies in Old and Middle English Literature3
ENGL 542Studies in Tudor and Elizabethan Literature3
ENGL 561Chaucer3
ENGL 562Shakespeare3
ENGL 563Milton3
ENGL 591History of Criticism: Plato to the New Criticism3
ENGL 624Old English and Middle English Language and Literature3
ENGL 631Renaissance Drama3
ENGL 632Shakespeare3
ENGL 633Renaissance Poetry and Prose3
ENGL 671History of Rhetoric I3
HUM 581Dante3
HUM 661Historical Perspectives on Arts & Culture I3
LAT 551Introduction to Medieval Latin3
LAT 552Readings in Medieval Latin3
PHIL 608Aquinas3
SPAN 511Studies in Spanish Medieval Literature3
SPAN 513Studies in Spanish Golden Age Literature3
SPAN 621History of the Spanish Language3
LING 523History of the English Language3
Arts and Music (3 credit hours)
ARTH 561Studies in Medieval Art3
ARTH 661Topics in Medieval Art3
ARTH 671Topics in Renaissance Art3
ARTH 571Studies in Renaissance Art3
MUS 549Renaissance Counterpoint2
MUS 652Foundations of Music Theory3
MUS 681Music Notation to c. 1550: History, Transcription, Editing3
Minimum Total Credit Hours18


Jack Ashworth

Professor Emeritus of Music

Blake Beattie

Associate Professor of History

Pamela Beattie

Assistant Professor of Humanities

Matthew Biberman


Dale Billingsley
Professor of English

Acting Executive Vice President and University Provost

Genevieve Carlton

Assistant Professor of History

Julia Dietrich

Professor of English

Christopher Fulton

Associate Professor of Fine Arts

Carmen Hardin

Assistant Professor of Modern Languages

Gregory Hutcheson

Associate Professor of Modern Languages

Tom Maloney

Professor of Philosophy

Maryam Moazzen

Assistant Professor

Wendy Pfeffer

Professor of Modern Languages

Andrew Rabin

Professor of English

Hristomir Stanev

Assistant Professor of English

Jennifer Westerfeld

Assistant Professor of History

Elaine Wise

Chair of Humanities