Certificate in Translation and Interpreting

Degree Awarded: CERT
Unit: GA
Program Webpage: http://louisville.edu/modernlanguages/

Program Information

The Graduate Certificate in Translation and Interpreting focuses on translation and interpreting as a field of both professional practice and academic study. Some of the topics covered are: comparative grammar and professional writing skills; culture, literature, history and theory; professional ethics, skills and practices; translation technologies, terminology and project management; and translation and interpreting in specialized domains (medicine, law, education and social services).

Admission Requirements & Procedure

Applicants to the Graduate Certificate in Translation and Interpreting must demonstrate advanced proficiency in both Spanish and English. Prerequisites for admission include an undergraduate/baccalaureate degree granted by an institution of higher education or its equivalent (where Spanish or English is the language of instruction). Students must meet the standard criteria for general admission to the University of Louisville’s School for Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies, and supply all standard documentation required for admission. (Those wishing to pursue the graduate certificate in conjunction with a graduate degree program should first apply and be admitted to the degree program before applying for admission to the Graduate Certificate in Translation and Interpreting.)

To be submitted to the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies (SIGS)

  • SIGS application and application fee.
  • Transcripts from all accredited institutions where undergraduate and/or graduate credit was earned. Minimum GPA required for undergraduate work: 3.0 on a four-point scale. (All University of Louisville transcripts will be submitted automatically with completion of an application for graduate study.)
  • Two letters of evaluation (submitted directly to the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies by the evaluators). Detailed comments should accompany the evaluation form and address specifically the applicant’s proficiency in both Spanish and English and potential to do graduate work.
  • TOEFL iBT scores (applicants for whom English is a second language).  Minimum required: 85, though evaluators will give special weight to the reading and writing scores. (Applicants holding a bachelor's or advanced degree from an accredited institution in the United States are exempt from this requirement.)
  • ACTFL scores Writing Test (applicants for whom Spanish is a second language). Minimum required: Advanced High. (Applicants who have successfully completed graduate coursework in Spanish are exempt from this requirement.)
  • A personal statement of 1-2 pages (written in the applicant’s second language) discussing how the Graduate Certificate in Translation relates to the applicant’s professional or personal goals. Specify which areas of translation are of most interest and detail relevant experience.
  • A CV detailing experience relevant to language proficiency and especially to translation.

Complete applications to the Graduate Certificate in Translation and Interpreting are considered throughout the academic year, although priority will be given to applications received at least six weeks prior to the intended start date. The Director of the Graduate Certificate in Translation and Interpreting reviews applications and, in consultation with the graduate faculty, makes all admission decisions. In some cases, applicants may be admitted on a conditional basis even though application materials are incomplete.

All application materials should be submitted to:

School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies
Office of Graduate Admissions
Houchens Building, Suite 105
Louisville, KY 40292

or submitted via the online application at http://louisville.edu/graduate/apply.


The Certificate requires completion of a minimum of five classes (for a total of 15 credit hours) at the graduate level:

1) All students must take TRPR/SPAN 661: Foundations of Translation and Interpreting and TRAN/SPAN 667: Computers in Translation (three credit hours each, totaling six credit hours).

2) Students will take two additional classes from the following list (three credit hours each, totaling six credit hours):

  • SPAN/TRPR 570: Basic Interpreting Skills
  • SPAN/TRPR 662: Educational and Social Services Interpreting
  • SPAN/TRPR 663: Legal Translation and Interpreting
  • SPAN/TRPR 664: Literary and Cultural Translation
  • SPAN/TRPR 665: Medical Translation and Interpreting
  • TRPR 670: Special Topics in Translation and Interpreting

3) Upon completion of at least nine credit hours, students will engage in an internship or directed study, TRPR 669: Final Translation/Interpreting Project, under the supervision of a member of the TRPR faculty (three credit hours).

NOTE: Students may be required to take additional coursework (e.g., SPAN 544: Advanced Grammar and Stylistics) to make up for language proficiency deficiencies.

Coursework towards the Graduate Certificate in Translation and Interpreting may count towards the student’s graduate degree. For students in the MA program in Spanish, up to six (6) credit hours may count toward both the certificate requirements and the MA requirements. (Consult the Director of Graduate Studies in the particular degree program.)


Lluís Baixauli-Olmos

Assistant Professor

Simona Bertacco

Assistant Professor

Rhonda Buchanan


Bonnie Fonseca-Greber

Assistant Professor

Gregory Hutcheson
Associate Professor

Director of Graduate Services

Mary Makris

Associate Professor

Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo


Clare Sullivan
Associate Professor