Certificate in Translation and Interpreting

Degree Awarded: CERT
Unit: GA
Program Webpage: http://louisville.edu/modernlanguages/

Program Information

Translating and interpreting well requires not only knowledge of both languages but also understanding of the source and target cultures. It is an exacting art that demands creative expression, philological precision, minute knowledge of historical and cultural contexts, and a nuanced sense of style in both the source and target languages.


The certificate program provides the rigorous academic training necessary for the professionalization of the prospective translator and interpreter. It will prepare a student to begin to work for an agency or as an independent contractor. Such a program could serve as a gateway to specialized translation studies in the legal, medical, and technical fields.

It will provide students who are already highly proficient in both languages the background in theory, technical resources, and research skills necessary to work effectively. With the establishment of this certificate, University of Louisville will provide graduate students, post-baccalaureate students, and members of the community seeking professional development and additional credentials the opportunity to acquire:

  • an introduction to theories in the field
  • specific skills in various fields
  • hands-on professional experience


The certificate requires completion of a minimum of 15 credit hours focusing on comparative grammar, professional writing skills, culture, history and theory, professional ethics, and computer translation and terminology management.

The minimum requirement for the completion of the graduate Certificate in Translation and Interpreting is 15 credit hours.

1. All students must take TRPR/SPAN 661: Foundations of Translation and Interpretingand TRPR/SPAN 667: Computers in Translation.

2. Students will choose the following courses for a total of six (6) credit hours:

  • Translation and Interpreting Workshop (TRPR/SPAN 662)
  • Commercial and Legal Translation (TRPR/SPAN 663)
  • Literary and Cultural Translation
 (TRPR/SPAN 664)
  • Scientific, Technical and Medical Translation
 (TRPR/SPAN 665)
  • Terminology Management 
  • Translation Project Management (TRPR/SPAN 668)
  • Introduction to Interpreting (TRPR/SPAN 671)
  • Legal Interpreting (TRPR/SPAN 672)

3. Students must complete the three-hour internship or directed study, TRPR 669: Final Translation Project.

Coursework towards the Graduate Certificate in Translation and Interpreting may count towards the student’s graduate degree. For students in the M.A. program in Spanish, up to six (6) credit hours may count toward both the certificate requirements and the M.A. requirements. (Consult the Director of Graduate Studies in the particular degree program.)



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