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Student Spotlight June 2010

Travis Gault New Picture


Travis R. Gault

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ph.D. Student





Travis Gault is president of the 2010-2011 Graduate Student Council and is currently pursuing his doctorate in Electrical Engineering through the J.B. Speed School of Engineering.  Since he began his studies at the University of Louisville in 2000, Travis has graduated magna cum laude with dual bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering and completed his master’s in Electrical Engineering.  Travis’ current research focuses on the use of thermal imaging to extract the location of blood vessels in the head and neck and determine a patient’s vital signs including heart rate, temperature, and breathing rate.  Ultimately, the goal for this research would be to create a biometric “smart” room suite in hospitals and homes of both the elderly and subjects unable to adequately communicate that could remotely monitor the patient without direct contact from medical professionals.  While the thermal imaging camera would monitor heart rate, blood flow, temperature, and breathing rates, a traditional video camera would monitor the patient’s facial expressions and movements to record the patient’s responses to changes in their medical status.  Together, this information could be combined to notify medical personnel that the patient may be in need of immediate assistance.  While such a technological feat may still faces years of development, the benefits of such a design could be invaluable to many in the population.  Upon completion of his research and dissertation and the achievement of his doctorate degree, Travis is interested in pursuing a career in the world of academia and ultimately acquiring an administrative or leadership role with a university that would allow him to use his degree to benefit students and staff alike.

While attending the University of Louisville, Travis has remained an active participant in campus activities and organizations. His time in the both his undergraduate and graduate programs have been extremely beneficial in allowing him to gain real-world experience in his field, while teaching him how to handle administrative tasks related to leadership roles.  It has also forced him to better develop his time management skills by encouraging him to focus only on activities that add value to his life or improve the university.  He has served on the Speed School Instruction and Learning Committee and the Student Activities Board Special Interest Committee, as well as represented the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department for the Graduate Student Council.  Travis was given the opportunity to teach a course on the computer program, “Maple” for over ten semesters in the Speed School and has been chosen to be a graduate teaching assistant, a supplemental instruction leader, and a lab tutor.  Travis has served as president of the Interfraternity Council, where he contributed to completely rewriting the Interfraternity constitution.  Travis was extremely involved with the Triangle Fraternity and served as President for two terms, as well as serving as treasurer, house manager, alumni organization secretary, and a member of the Judicial Board.  Travis’ hard work has been recognized by faculty and peers alike, as he is the recipient of such honors as the University of Louisville Grosscurth Fellowship Recipient, Speed School’s Bennett M. Brigman Award,  UofL’s Interfraternity Council  Outstanding Greek President Award, and Electrical and Computer Engineering’s Outstanding Alumnus Award.

For Travis, he believes that campus involvement can be seen as a stress reliever, allowing him the opportunity to step away from his role as student and concentrate on networking and serving with others.  His newest role as Graduate Student Council president is not simply a title, but an opportunity for him to serve his fellow graduate students.  As president, his goals for this year include improving campus safety and forging better communication between graduate and undergraduate students to enhance graduate student involvement.  No matter where this next year or his career will eventually lead him, Travis is intent on living a life where he will always continue to learn and grow. 

“In times of change, learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”  Eric Hoffer


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