Publishing Academy

About the Publishing Academy

Publishing is a fundamental aspect of professional scholarly work. It’s important to make good judgments about the venues you publish in, understand your rights as an author, and learn how to succeed in making the transition from research to publication.

The Publishing Academy, established at UofL during the 2015-2016 academic year, is a series of sessions designed to help students navigate the complex landscape of academic publishing. The student cohort will participate in hands-on sessions led by campus faculty and librarians that will cover a variety of topics including citation metrics; copyright & licensing; open access; selecting publishing venues; and the critical questions to ask and answer related to all of these areas.

As a part of the Publishing Academy, graduate students will conduct an environmental scan of relevant publishing outlets for their research utilizing frameworks for evaluation taught over the course of the academy. The cohort is open to all academic disciplines; consequently, the topics will be covered in broad ways applicable across disciplines. The Publishing Academy is a collaborative program between the Graduate School and University Libraries Learning Commons.

Why Should You Participate in the Publishing Academy?

  • Gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experience with the ins and outs of publishing.
  • Gain practical strategies, tools, resources to help you immediately.
  • Interact with publishing experts across campus to learn insights and best practices with publishing.
  • Cohort members who attend at least four of five sessions will receive a certificate acknowledging their participation.
  • Bolster your CV or resume to prepare for your job search.

Spring 2019 Publishing Academy Schedule

All sessions will be Thursdays, from 2-3:30pm.

Spring 2019 Publishing Academy Application Process

Future Application Process

Dates for future Publishing Academies application processes will be made available in Fall 2019.

Applying for the Publishing Academy

All graduate students are encouraged to apply. In addition to completing the application form, students are required to have their graduate program director, faculty mentor, or chair send an e-mail to the Acting Dean of the Graduate School, , indicating approval of the student’s participation in the academy.

Participation in the Publishing Academy will be limited and competitive, with priority given to a disciplinary diversity of participants. Students who are accepted into the academy and attend at least 4 of 5 sessions will receive a certificate.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Dr. Michelle Rodems or 502-852-3110.