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Integrating Technology in Research and Teaching


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Integrating Technology in Research and Teaching

The use of "technology" can imply different levels of sophistication, so it is not how advanced the technological tools are you use for teaching and research. What matters is how well you use the tools you use and whether you use the tools to fulfill your pedagogical and research objectives. Thus, it is necessary to critically assess the need for technology--the software and hardware that you need--and to understand best practice. For example, if as a GTA you want to increase the amount of collaboration in your classroom, you might want to use wiki or discussion forums. If you can achieve your goal by only using email, then there is no reason to force multimodality upon your work or your students'. In order to explore and find out what technologies will enhance your work, utilize the resources mentioned below. 
Relevant workshops (see Calendar for current workshops)
  • Technology for Effective Teaching workshop
  • What GTAs Need to Know About Blackboard
  • User-Friendly Collaborative Studying 
  • EndNote Citation Management Software workshop
  • Power Literature Searching

Search  "research" or "moving on" on the PLAN Resources page for links to workshop materials and other resources.


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