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Improving Time Management


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Improving Time Management

Graduate study requires time management.  The experiences of graduate students vary; however, most would benefit from successful time management strategies that can increase production, while decreasing procrastination and stress.  Time management is a skill that takes time to develop and although there is not one plan that would benefit all students, we offer the following suggestions in creating a new time management routine:  get organized by making task lists (and mark off tasks as they become complete), make use of slow times such as walking, showering, and driving to plan your day, avoid multitasking by instead concentrating on one specific task, set personal deadlines, and work in a team.
Relevant workshops (see Calendar for current workshops)
  • "Managing" Graduate School: Time (Management)
  • Time Management by App

  • Search "life skills," "time" or "moving on" on the PLAN Resources page for links to workshop materials and other resources.
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