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Identifying Priorities for Work-Life Balance


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Identifying Priorities for Work/Life Balance

Obtaining a healthy work/life balance is essential for graduate students. By creating a work/life plan, students can decrease stress and increase productivity. We offer the following suggestions as a start to setting priorities for a health work/life balance: identify goals and priorities (both personal and academic), discontinue unnecessary or unhealthy activities, and follow a schedule that includes personal time. Taking time for you is arguably the most important aspect of a healthy work/life balance because if you do not, others will not be able to rely on you either.
Relevant workshops (see Calendar for current workshops)
  • Managing Life as a Graduate Student
  • Wellness workshop  
  • Women in Academe  
  • Search "life skills," "family" or "moving on" on the PLAN Resources page for links to workshop materials and other resources.
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