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Identifying Potential Career Paths


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Identifying Potential Career Paths

Upon entering graduate school, you may know exactly what career you aspire to pursue. However, many scenarios can alter your career path while enrolled in graduate school. As such, it is imperative to develop a career plan while also realizing that a “plan B” is worth outlining. Your dream job may not be secured immediately after completion of your graduate degree but ideally, your first post-grad position is a step in the right direction of your professional growth.
Relevant workshops (see calendar for current workshops) 
  •  What Else Can You Do With That? workshop
  • "Designing a Teaching Portfolio" workshop 
  • "The Academic Job Market: An Ecological Introduction" lecture- Leonard Cassuto

Search  "career," "alt-ac," "moving on" or "moving beyond" on the PLAN Resources page for links to workshop materials and other resources.
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