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Areas of Graduate Student Development

Transitioning into Academic Life / Graduate Studies: Whether you just came out of undergraduate studies, are returning to school from the workplace, or recently arrived .... [learn more]

Learning the Ropes: The university is built on a history of academic and professional conventions. As a new students, you will want to learn the explicit and implicit .... [learn more]


PLAN Events and Resources

visitation day 2011

> Graduate Student Orientation (including GTA orientation) 

> GTA Academy

> Workshop materials and other Professional Development resources here


Preparing / Managing Financially: Managing financially is largely a matter of changing your priority and expectations while you are in school, as well as ... [learn more]

Balancing Personal / Family Life with the Academic: Taking care of children. Dealing with illness or other difficulties in the family. Facing depression. Connecting with spouses, family, and friends. Unlike many undergraduates, graduate students.... [learn more]

Understanding Diversity: The increasing diversity in university demographics makes it necessary for graduate students and research or teaching assistants to be .... [learn more]

> Get Social! events

> Grad Insurance Advocate

> Free yoga for students through Health Promotion

> Free fitness classes through Intramurals

> Graduate Student Life Handbook

> Workshop materials and other Life Skills resources here


Identifying Program Requirements: While focusing on fulfilling academic requirements working in the lab or teaching, some graduate students find themselves almost at the end of their degrees before ... [learn more]

Setting Academic Goals & Priorities: Undergraduate students more or less follow the tracks of academic requirements set by the university; graduate students create their .... [learn more]

> SIGS Graduate Student Handbook

> Workshop materials and other Academic Skills resources here


Getting to Know Faculty & Other Students in the Program: The term "mentor" can be used to refer to the faculty member under whose supervision you work. It has the connotations of "guide" and "shaper" of your .... [learn more]

Finding & Working with Advisors / Mentors: Granted, this is an age of Social Networking. But networking in the academic and professional world can be a bit different than clicking on "add friend" and letting everyone know "what you are .... [learn more]


> Peer Mentoring: What is it and how can I make it work for me? 

Get Social! Events

> MentorCenter

> Workshop materials and other Networking resources herenull

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