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Finding Opportunities for Conference and Publication


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Finding Opportunities for Conferences and Publication

Attending and presenting at conferences and getting your work published are two of the major aims towards enhancing your resume before you go to the job market. How many conferences you should attend, how often you are expected to present your work at them, and how many and what type of publications are expected by the time you graduate depends on your field. You should ask your mentor or more advanced colleagues (or recent graduates) about this issue. The same holds true for what kinds of conferences you should attend or what publication venues you should target. You may want to aim neither too high nor very low, because some colleagues' work might look like impossibly too much and others' might not seem sufficient, considering the competitive job market today. Besides faculty members and colleagues, you may be able to find online databases of conferences and publications in your field. Some of these databases have RSS function that can alert you when new conferences are posted. 
Relevant workshops (see Calendar for current workshops) 
  • UofL Graduate Student Symposium    
  • Effective Research Presentation Skills


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