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Developing Support Systems


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Developing Support Systems

Have you noticed that at every commencement parents, spouses, significant others and friends are given at least one round of applause for how much they have contributed to the making of the graduate students sitting in front of them? That is not just a ritual, and in fact, very touching stories in this regard are told quite often in commencement speeches. The fact that graduate students are all mature people does not make them perfect. There are usually many pieces of a puzzle other than themselves in the big picture of success in graduate studies. Depending on their family structure and situation, as well as the availability of financial and other resources, graduate students need to develop a support mechanism in order to be able to invest their best in work and study. This might involve adjusting career plans with your spouse, seeking help with your family in certain types of situations, and even seeking professional help when necessary. And since your academic adviser/mentors are in the best position to understand the intellectual/professional side to your stresses and burdens, they too may be the best people for you to communicate how you want to adjust your personal situations with your professional--as far as you see fit to share about certain situations in your life with your academic mentors.
Relevant workshops (see Calendar for current workshops)
  • Peer mentoring workshops  
  • Search "life skills," "support" or "mentoring" on the PLAN Resources page for links to workshop materials and other resources.


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