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Completing Course Requirements


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Completing Course Requirements

The term "requirement" can be a bit tricky when it comes to fulfilling course requirements in graduate studies. In most disciplines, only a few exact courses are required: the rest of the requirements are categories from which you must select a certain number of courses. Selecting the right course will require some research, including looking up course description online, writing to the faculty member, talking to those who have taken the course, and, most importantly, considering how a particular course contributes to your long term academic and/or professional goals. Many departments post courses for up to 2 years into the future, which makes it easier for students to select courses and plan accordingly. If your department doesn't do that, you might be able to find out from the Director of Graduate studies whether a particular course will be offered in the near future. Some departments allow students to take a certain number of courses from outside the department; this allows students to add important courses to their package. While considering taking a course, you might also want to find out whether the course is pass/fail or has regular credits, because these matters can affect your standing as student and as GTA. 
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