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Areas of Graduate Student Development

Negotiating the Job Search: The job search can be an exhausting and cumbersome process, especially if it occurs toward ... [learn more]

Working on Transferable Skills: In times of economic hardships and a competitve job market, it is essential to obtain a wide range ....  [learn more]

Publishing your Research: The nature and process of publication and the chances of getting published vary greatly across the ...   [learn more] 


PLAN Events and Resources


>Alternative Careers for Graduate Students panel

>The Professional Mock Interview

> Women in Leadership panel

>Introduction to Entrepreneurial Thinking: Entrepreneurship Within and Beyond Academe

Workshop materials and other Professional Development resources here


Transitioning to Professional Life: The transition to professional life upon completion of your graduate degree can be a time of anxiousness and ... [learn more]

Setting Goals for Life after Graduation: While a graduate student, it is imperative to set goals that extend beyond graduation.  Do you want to ... [learn more]

> Transitioning to Professional and Faculty Life

Alternative Careers for Graduate Students panel

> Women in Leadership panel

Healthy Life Group for Women Graduate Students

Get Social! events

Free yoga for students through Health Promotion

Free fitness classes through Intramurals

> Workshop materials and other Life Skills resources here


Completing the Dissertation, Thesis or Culminating Project, Portfolio, or Practicum:  The completion of a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation typically marks the end of graduate ... [learn more]

> Formatting and Submitting your Dissertation or Thesis 

> Dissertation Writing Accountability Group 

> GRE workshops (tba)

Workshop materials and other Academic Skills resources here


Working with the Department & Career Center on the Job Search: If you wish to pursue an academic career, it is best to work with professors ... [learn more]

Expanding your Professional Network: It might seem that when you have finally graduated and also get a job, there will then be much time for ... [learn more]

Get Social! Events


> UofL Graduate Research Symposium 

> UofL Graduate Fair (tba)

Workshop materials and other Networking resources herenull

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