Presidential Diversity Fellows Program


SIGS is seeking nominations for the new Presidential Diversity Fellows Program sponsored by SIGS and the President’s office.  We are asking that you nominate incoming doctoral students (students you are trying to recruit) who will contribute to the diversity of your programs and who you will support with program funding (that is, Presidential Diversity Fellows are not those supported by SIGS as Diversity Fellows, but are those supported by GTAs, grants, departmental endowments or other program funding).  Beginning in academic year 2017-18, SIGS will be providing ten students, who will be designated as Presidential Diversity Fellows, a Supplemental Professional Development Stipend of $1000 to be used by the student for professional development purposes; the supplement will be awarded in two $500 installments (one in Fall semester, one in Spring), and may be used for books, research needs, conference travel, and so on.  The stipend will be renewed annually for up to a total of four years if the student remains in good standing and is making progress toward his or her degree.  In addition to the supplemental stipend, students will be required to participate in SIGS’ successful “Check-in-and-Connect” professional development seminar series, which provides students with cohort support and mentoring.  Our intent is to help you recruit strong students by providing this additional financial incentive, and to help you retain them by providing cohort support.  Programs should nominate only one or two students, since our intent is to help as many programs as possible to recruit a more diverse cohort.   And you should certainly tell your candidate that you’ve nominated him or her for this award, since that is a sign that you really want the student to enroll at UofL. 

Nominations should include a brief letter (one paragraph is sufficient) indicating how the student will add to the diversity of your program and how the department plans on funding the student (through GTA, GRA, grant, etc.).  Deadline for nominations:  April 1, 2017.

Presidential Diversity Fellows Nomination Form

Benefits to students: 

  • $1000 supplemental stipend from SIGS  for professional development purposes
  • Membership in Check-in and Connect, a professional development seminar series
  • Cohort support

Program/unit must provide full stipend and tuition