Graduate Student Representatives


2015 - 2016

Femmy Rose - GSC President

Brandon McReynolds - GSC External Vice President

Nicholas Short - GSC Internal Vice President

Ryan Luke - GSC Travel Administrator

Mahsa Badami - GSC Treasurer

Neha Angal - GSC Information Chair

Kelsey Sparks - GSC Senator-at-Large

Angie Carlson - GSC Senator-at-Large

Departmental Representatives

If your GSC representative has changed, please fill out this form so we will have that updated information:New GSC Representative Form


*The status of departments is noted as either active, on probation or inactive.  Inactive departments are ineligible for research and travel funding awards.  Departments on Probation will be elevated to Active status after one semester in good standing. For inquiries about the status of your department, please contact the GSC President at Statuses were last updated on August 25, 2015.





Arts and Sciences

Anthropology (ANTH)Neha Angalneha.angal [at] louisville.eduactive
Biology (BIOL)Nick Shortnashor01[at] louisville.eduactive
Chemistry (CHEM)Kelsey Sparks
kelsey.sparks [at] louisville.eduactive
Classical and Modern
Languages (CML)

Mandy Brown

Kayla Johnson


kayla.johnson.2 [at]

Communications (COM)Abi Johnamjohn43 [at] louisville.eduactive
English (ENGL)

Keri Mathis

Michelle Day

keri.mathis [at] [at]

Fine Arts (FA)Tom Legoff
tom.legoff [at] louisville.eduactive
Geography and Geosciences(GA)Adam King
adking08 [at]
History (HIST)Sarah Dunn
smdunn02 [at] louisville.comactive
Humanities (HUM)Angie Carlson
abcarl02 [at] louisville.eduactive
Criminal Justice (CJ)

Angela Schwendau

Nadia Nelson

maschw01 [at]

nadia.nelson [at]

Mathematics (MATH)Ryan Lukeryan.luke [at] louisville.eduactive
Pan-African Studies (PAS)Antron Mahoney
admaho01 [at] louisville.eduactive
Physics and Astronomy (PHYS)Elijah Jensen
elijah.jensen [at] louisville.eduactive
Political Science (POLS)Abbey Rogers
adroge04 [at] louisville.eduactive
Psychological and Brain
Sciences (PSYC)
Ashley Assgari
ashley.assgari [at] louisville.eduactive
Sociology (SOC)Brandon McReynolds
brandon.mcreynolds [at] louisville.eduactive
Theater Arts (TA)Shaleen Cholerashaleen.cholera[at] louisville.eduprobation
Urban and Public Affairs
(Public Admin) (UPA)
Michelle Nickerson
mnnick01 [at] louisville.eduactive
Women's and Gender
Studies (WGST)
Jerusha Beebe jvbeeb01 [at ]
 College of Business

(Business) (ENTR)
Mahshid Jessrimahshid.jessri [at]
College of Ed (CEHD)

Education and Counseling
Psychology (ECPY)
Mike Hart
jmhart716 [at] gmail.comactive
Health and Sport SciencesAmy Waldenajwald04 [at] louisville.eduactive
Leadership, Foundations,
and Human Resources (ELFH)
Charles Edmistoncharles.edmiston [at] louisville.eduactive

Teaching and Learning (EDTL)

Elementary Education

Ashley Shelton

Emily Zuccaro

alshel04 [at]

Emily.Zuccaro [at]



Dental School

Oral Biology (OBIO)Tadimari Prabakhar Apurva
a0tadi01[at] louisville.eduactive
Kent School

Kent School (KENT)Jacquelyn Cole
jtcole06 [at] louisville.eduprobation
School of Medicine

Anatomical Sciences and
Neurobiology (ASNB)
Kathryn Harman
kaharm01[at] louisville.eduactive
Audiology (AUDI)Mary Beth Duncan
mbdunc04 [at] louisville.eduactive
Biochemistry and Molecular
Biology (BIOC)

Catherine Cobb



Microbiology and Immunology
Christopher Harding
christopher.harding [at] louisville.eduactive
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Sam Carlisle
smcarl06 [at] louisville.eduactive
Physiology and Biophysics (PHY)AnastasiaKelleravprok01 [at] louisville.eduactive
Speech Language Pathology
Amber Bradley
adbrad05 [at]louisville.eduactive
School of Nursing

Nursing (NURS)

Colette McCammon

Melissa Gorham

colette.mccammon [at]

melissa.gorham [at]

Interdisciplinary StudiesHeather Stewart
hmstew05 [at]
School of Music

Music (MUS)Andry Goncalves
ajgonc01 [at] louisville.eduactive
School of Public Health 

Public Health (PHCI)

Suur Debrah Ayangeakaa

sdayan01 [at]

Speed School

Chemical Engineering (CHE)Brandon Lavery
brandon.lavery [at] louisville.eduactive
Civil and Environmental
Engineering (CEE)
Austin Connorabconn02[at] louisville.eduactive
Computer Engineering and
Computer Science (CECS)
Tegjyot Singh Sethit0seth01 [at] louisville.eduactive
Electrical and Computer
Engineering (ECE)
Hossein Mirinejadh.mirinejad [at] louisville.eduactive
Industrial Engineering (IE)Luis Cardona
lfcard02 [at] louisville.eduactive
Mechanical Engineering (ME)Ben King
bcking01 [at] gmail.comprobation