Graduate Student Representatives


2014 - 2015

Jasie Stokes - GSC President

Keri Mathis - GSC Vice President

Ryan Luke - GSC Travel Administrator

Behnoush Abdollahi - GSC Treasurer

Katie Wilson - GSC Information Chair

Benjamin Leamon - External Vice President

Departmental Representatives

If your GSC representative has changed, please fill out this form so we will have that updated information:New GSC Representative Form





Arts and Sciences

Anthropology (ANTH)Neha Angalneha.angal [at] louisville.eduactive
Biology (BIOL)Nick Shortnashor01[at] exchange.louisville.eduprobation
Chemistry (CHEM)Otome Elishaeliansy [at] yahoo.comprobation
Classical and Modern
Languages (CML)
Mandy Brownmlbrow33[at] louisville.eduactive
Communications (COM)probation
English (ENGL)Harley Ferrisharley.ferris [at] louisville.eduactive
Fine Arts (FA)Tracey Eckersleyteecke01 [at] louisville.eduactive
French (FREN)Mandy Brownmlbrow33 [at] louisville.eduactive
Geography and Geosciences
Jeremy Sandiferjdsand08 [at] louisville.eduprobation
History (HIST)Katherine Morrisonkatymorrison.4 [at] gmail.comprobation
Humanities (HUM)Sarah Penningtonsdpenn03 [at] louisville.eduactive
Justice Administration (JA)Anthony Smithaksmit09 [at] louisville.eduprobation
Mathematics (MATH)Ryan Lukeryan.luke [at] louisville.eduprobation
Pan-African Studies (PAS)Rachel Spearsrdspea01 [at] louisville.eduprobation
Physics and Astronomy (PHYS)Geoffrey Lentnergrlent01 [at] louisville.eduactive
Political Science (POLS)Sean Welchlwelc02 [at] louisville.eduprobation
Psychological and Brain
Sciences (PSYC)
Nick Holtnaholt03 [at] louisville.eduactive
Sociology (SOC)Shawn Rolfeshawn.rolfe [at] louisville.eduactive
Theater Arts (TA)Konrad Daviskodavi01 [at] louisville.eduprobation
Urban and Public Affairs
(Public Admin) (UPA)
Aaron Stephensonajs81781 [at] yahoo.comprobation
Women's and Gender
Studies (WGST)
Cassandra Colliercmcoll07 [at] louisville.eduactive
 College of Business

Accountancy (ACCT)probation
(Business) (ENTR)
KosmidouVasilikikosmidou.vasiliki [at] gmail.comactive
College of Ed (CEHD)

Education and Counseling
Psychology (ECPY)
Caroline Pittardcmpitt05 [at] louisville.eduactive
Exercise Physiology (EXP)Amy Waldenajwald04 [at] louisville.eduactive
Health Promotion, Physical
Education, and Sports Studies (HPES)
Richard Tronzorichard.tronzo [at] louisville.eduprobation
Leadership, Foundations,
and Human Resources (ELFH)
Charles Edmistonedmiston.charles [at] louisville.eduprobation
Teaching and Learning (EDTL)Kristin Harbourkristin.harbour [at] louisville.eduactive
Dental School

Oral Biology (OBIO)Saira Ahmedsaira.ahmed [at] louisville.eduactive
Kent School

Kent School (KENT)Seth Millerscmill06 [at] louisville.eduprobation
School of Medicine

Anatomical Sciences and
Neurobiology (ASNB)
Kathryn Harman
kaharm01[at] louisville.eduactive
Audiology (AUDI)Kara Monroekdmonr01 [at] louisville.eduactive
Biochemistry and Molecular
Biology (BIOC)
Ryan Sheehan
rmshee02 [at] louisville.eduprobation
Microbiology and Immunology
Sabrin Albeitunishalbe01 [at] louisville.eduactive
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Marcus Steppmwstep03 [at] louisville.eduactive
Physiology and Biophysics (PHY)AnastasiaKelleravprok01 [at] louisville.eduactive
Speech Language Pathology
Haylee Beggshmbegg01 [at]louisville.eduactive
School of Nursing

Nursing (NURS)Anna Jorayevaa0jora01 [at] louisville.eduprobation
Interdisciplinary StudiesAngie Carlsonabcarl02 [at] louisville.eduactive
School of Music

Music (MUS)Israel Cuencaidcuen01 [at] louisville.eduprobation
School of Public Health 

Public Health (PHCI)Victory Osezuavoosez01 [at] cardmail.louisville.eduactive
Speed School

Chemical Engineering (CHE)Gabriel Drapergabriel.draper [at] gmail.comprobation
Civil and Environmental
Engineering (CEE)
Austin Connorabconn02[at] louisville.eduactive
Computer Engineering and
Computer Science (CECS)
Abdallah Eteleebabdallah.eteleeb@louisville.eduprobation
Electrical and Computer
Engineering (ECE)
MJ Negahdarm0nega02 [at] louisville.eduprobation
Industrial Engineering (IE)Ehsan Khodabandehe0khod01 [at] louisville.eduactive
Mechanical Engineering (ME)

*The status of departments is noted as either active, on probation or inactive.  Your department is on active status unless otherwise noted.  For inquiries about the status of your department, contact the GSC President at