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Message from the GSC Travel Administrator:


There are great things happening here at the University of Louisville where every day original innovation is coming from committed graduate students.  As a current graduate student, I am excited to help bring such innovations to a broader audience through assistance by the GSC Travel Reimbursement Fund.  In respect to the reimbursement process I have committed myself to accomplish three main tasks as the GSC Travel Administrator:

1.Make it faster

2. Make it easier,

3. Make it clearer.

So in the spirit of keeping good on my word here is what has been done so far:

Make it faster--To the GSC Departmental Representatives I made the claim that the time and effort in applying for  Travel Reimbursements could be cut in half, and am now pleased to announce the launch of our new online application portal.  Here, students will be able to receive faster approval than they have in the past.

Make it easier-- I have created a completely new website from the ground up, and with a comprehensive review of the administrative infrastructure of the Travel Reimbursement process, vestigial tasks such as acquiring GSC Department Reps to sign TEV's have been eliminated; and with direct linkage of GSC Departmental attendance to the GSC website and the reformatting of most GSC Travel documents to distil them to their simplest form, applying for Travel Reimbursements has never been easier.  

Make it clearer-- With the implementation of the online portal and future changes that are currently in the works, I hope to have each student personally notified as to the status of their reimbursement through each step of the process.

This is just the beginning!  With these, and many more changes to come I will continue to do the best I can to aid our great graduate students.  Thanks to everyone for your continual support and I wish you the best in all of your work here at the University of Louisville.


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Dave Jensen

        GSC Travel Administrator 2013-2014

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