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Online Handbook for Directors of Graduate Studies

Directors of Graduate Study Agenda Notes - Tuesday, March 18, 2013 Agenda Notes

1.     SIGS By-Laws and Minimum Guidelines for Graduate Studies (pdf)

2.     Meet the SIGS Staff

3.     Graduate Affairs Division of Responsibilities (pdf)

4.     The Graduate Catalog

5.     Graduate Student Council

6.     Graduate Council

7.     Rules to Advise By

a.      Student FAQ (pdf)

8.     Admission to Graduate Study

a.      Graduate Application for Admission

b.      Document Imaging Process (pdf)

c.     LockAdmission Referral Form

d.      Admission Status

e.      Admission Status Change procedure

f.      Sample Admission Letters

   i.     Deny Letter (doc)

   ii.    Provisional Status Admit Letter (doc)

   iii.   Special Condition Admit Letter (doc)

   iv.   Good Standing Admit Letter (doc)

g.     Non-degree status

h.     Non-degree students and financial aid (pdf)

i.       Non-degree student exception statement (pdf)

j.       Non-degree hours restriction procedure (doc)

k.      Admission FAQ for the DGS (pdf)

l.       Admission FAQ for the student (pdf)

m.     GRADADM Service Account

9.     Graduate Student Handbook (pdf)

10.   ULink

a.     First time log-in

b.     Registration

c.     Application for Degree

11.    The International Student

a.     Admission

b.     Distance Education    

12.     Graduate Recruitment

a.     Tips for recruitment (pdf)

b.     Recruitment schedule

c.     Recruiting Student Enrollment Report (IR Website)

13.     Student Funding

a.     University Fellowships

b.     Diversity Fellowships and Scholarships

c.     Tuition Match Awards

d.     Dissertation Completion

e.     External Funding

f.      Resolution Regarding Graduate Scholars, Fellows,Trainees and Assistants (pdf)

14.     The Funded Student

a.     LockGA Waiver Form

b.     Parental Leave/FMLA (pdf)

c.     Full-time enrollment

15.     The PLAN (Professional Development)

a.     Template

b.     Calendar

c.     SIGSPLAN Service Account

16.     Academic Policies and Services

a.     Registration

i.      Drop/Add

ii.     Audit and Pass Fail

iii.    Independent Study (must pick-up from unit dean or Registrar’s Office)

iv.    Permit to Repeat a Course (must pick-up from unit dean or Registrar’s Office

v.     Overload

vi.    Schedule of Courses

b.     Transfer credit

c.     Academic Standing

d.     Returning Student

e.     Variances

i.      Directions for completing a Variance Form (pdf)

ii. LockVariance Request Form (pdf)

iii.    Variance Definitions (pdf)

17.    Thesis and Dissertation Advisory Committee

i.      Master’s committee

ii.     Doctoral committee

18.     LockSchedule Final Oral Examination Form

19.     Preparation of Theses and Dissertations

a.    Request to Schedule Final Oral Defense Form

b.    Thesis/Dissertation Advisory Committee Appointment (pdf)

c.    Guidelines for the Preparation and Processing of Theses and Dissertations (pdf)

d.     For review of thesis or dissertation (Contact Courtney Kerr for information)

e.     Electronic Thesis or Dissertation Submission Form

20.     Degree Application

a.     Special Dates for Graduating Students

21.     Awards and Honors for Graduates and Eligibility

a.     Graduate Student Awards (Graduate Catalog)

b. LockNomination Form for Graduate Student Award or Honors

c. LockNomination Form for Faculty Mentor Awards

d.     Phi Kappa Phi

22.     Graduation

a.     Application for Degree

b.     Special Dates for Graduating Students

c.     Ordering apparel

d.     Ceremonies

i.      Main Commencement ceremony

ii.     Doctoral Hooding and Graduation Ceremony

23.     LockStudent Spotlight Nomination Form

24.      Student Health

a.    Counseling Center

b.    Students in Distress Folder (pdf)

c.    PEACC

d.    Campus Health Services

25.      Calendars and Schedules

a.    SIGS Administrative Calendar

b.    PLAN Calendar

c.    Recruitment Schedule

d.    Bad Weather Schedule

e.    Schedule of Courses

f.     Graduate Calendar

g.    Graduate Teaching Academy Schedule

h.    School of Dentistry Calendar

i.     School of Law Calendar

j.     School of Medicine Calendar


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