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I can honestly say that my success is primarily thanks to the support of Get Healthy Now, and especially the wellness coaching program. It has given me the mental support and encouragement I’ve needed, which has boosted my confidence throughout this past year tremendously!

- Amy F.

Get Healthy Now Wellness Center Member of the Month - April

Congratulations: Laurie!


Laurie Pardieu, Program Coordinator, Sr. (College of Business; Graduate Programs Office)

Meet Laurie Pardieu, a veteran UofL employee of over 16 years! Laurie enjoys reading mysteries, crafts, and spending time with family and friends.

In the last six months, Laurie has been reaching her fitness goals by “maintaining a consistent schedule of three workouts per week.” Additionally, she has also started to change her eating habits. Specifically, she has “added water daily, increasing my intake of fruits and vegetables and reducing my overall portions.”

Moving forward, Laurie wants to continue keeping her current workout regimen, while, eventually, adding one (group) class per week to it. “I want to continue improving my nutritional habits, as well – specifically, to make healthy food choices over fried and processed choices,” she said. She plans to continue utilizing the GHN Wellness Center to assist in her health journey for a variety of reasons. “The staff! I have the privilege to work with three trainers that are very encouraging to me and keep me motivated,” she said. “Also, I find it very helpful that parking and location of the (GHN) center really make it simple to use the gym.” Laurie’s favorite GHN offering is the personal training service for the guidance and accountability it provides.

 Laurie’s “Bucket List” consists of “retiring healthy and then to travel the US and abroad!”


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