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Get Healthy Now Wellness Center Member of the Month - December

Congratulations: Kevin!


Congratulations to Kevin Rose for being Get Healthy Now’s Member of the Month for December. This month’s theme is Wellness and Resiliency. Keep reading to learn more about how Kevin uses resiliency to keep him motivated while pursuing his health journey.

Kevin has worked at U of L for 4 years as an Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership and Learning in the Department of Educational Leadership, Evaluation, & Organizational Development. His favorite hobbies are gardening, growing his own food and being physically active. Kevin also enjoys cooking, especially when he uses ingredients from his own garden.

Kevin’s healthy lifestyle change and consistent visits to GHN allowed him to lose 60 lbs. Some of his main fitness goals are strength training 2-3 times a week, cardio 3-4 times a week and participating in yoga and mindfulness classes. He even bought a bike so he could enjoy the local trails and keep up with his fitness.  Kevin also improved his eating habits by eating meatless meals several times a week and completely cutting out sodas. His main focus is cooking his own meals at home rather than going out to eat.

In relation to December’s wellness theme of Wellness and Resiliency, Kevin remains motivated to continue his healthy lifestyle for years to come. When he exercises and eats healthy, he feels better throughout the day, has more energy, and is more productive at work and home. He also credits the GHN staff and group fitness instructors for helping him with health advice and constant encouragement. “I’ve never worked out at a facility where the staff are so friendly and I feel like they’re genuinely concerned about my health.”

What’s on Kevin’s “Bucket List”? Kevin enjoys traveling and really wants to visit Machu Pichu, the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat and Chichen Itza.

Hip-hip-hooray to December’s Member of the Month, Kevin Rose!



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