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I can honestly say that my success is primarily thanks to the support of Get Healthy Now, and especially the wellness coaching program. It has given me the mental support and encouragement I’ve needed, which has boosted my confidence throughout this past year tremendously!

- Amy F.

Get Healthy Now Wellness Center Member of the Month - May 

Congratulations: Alicia!


Congratulations to Alicia Kelso for being Get Healthy Now’s Member of the Month for May. This month’s theme is Movement and Women’s Health.  Keep reading to learn more about what motivates Alicia to stay fit and healthy!

Alicia has worked for the University of Louisville for 2 years in the Office of Communications and Marketing as an Editor, of UofL News and UofL Today.  She enjoys to stay busy and her favorite hobbies are running, swimming, hiking, reading (history and non-fiction), playing drums, traveling, cooking, and spending time with family.

In the last 6 months, Alicia focused on keeping a steady fitness routine by making sure she did something every day that made her sweat.  Some of those days consisted of high intensity workouts which she really enjoys.  She also improved her eating habits by being more cognizant of her sugar intake.  For example, she cut it out of her coffee, switched to natural peanut butter, and on weekend outings switched from dark beer and bourbon to light beer and vodka.  Growing up, her Dutch grandmother taught her that the best way to finish a meal was with a salad which she tries to eat every night. 

As a former competitive swimmer in college, Alicia is very is self-motivated and strives to do better all the time.  She considers her workouts a therapy and finds that it improves her mood, according to her family!  Alicia is up for challenges, and wants to get back into Triathlons.  She enjoys the GHN wellness center and uses it for weight training and enjoys the spin bikes, ropes and treadmills.

What is on Alicia’s “Bucket List”? She wants to attend the Summer Olympics and witness swimming in person.  A European vacation with family and attend a Rush concert!! Awesome!

Congratulations to May’s member of the Month, Alicia Kelso!


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