GHN Wellness Center Membership

Better health, more energy, increased strength and muscle tone
— we are here to help you meet your wellness goals and are
committed to providing the highest quality of safe and effective
resources to do so. The you you've been waiting for...
It All Starts Here!

Visit the GHN Wellness Center to get a jump start on your well being! Fitness and wellness classes, state-of-the-art equipment, fully refinished locker rooms, and only a $15 monthly membership rate for UofL employees!

    Membership Rates:

    For instructions on how to join the Get Healthy Now Wellness Center, select your qualifying category below.

    Membership Type Membership Rate
    Be Well UClub/GHN Center $40/month
    UofL Alumni, Vendor or Affiliated Partner $30/month
    UofL Employee or Retiree $15/month
    Academic $15/month
    Spouse/Qualifying Adult $10/month
    Guest Pass  $5/day or $20/week
    One-time Enrollment Fee $10

    Payroll deduction form

    For Get Healthy Now Program enrollment, a Qualifying Adult is defined as PER4.17 Family and Medical Leave Policy (link: ):

    • Qualifying Adult is a person over 18 years of age and, if a blood relative by adoption or marriage, who is of the same or younger generation as the employee; who is residing in the employee's household and has done so for a period of at least 12 months; who has been financially interdependent with the employee for a period of at least 12 months; and who is unmarried or whose marriage is not recognized by the State of Kentucky.


    For Get Healthy Now Wellness Center enrollment, a Qualifying Adult (QA) is defined as:

    • Qualifying Adult is an adult of age 18 or older, living together and mutually responsible (fiscally or legally or by other means). The QA membership is dependent upon the status of the main member with whom their membership is linked.