2016 Members of the Month


Congratulations to Kevin Rose for being Get Healthy Now’s Member of the Month for December. This month’s theme is Wellness and Resiliency. Keep reading to learn more about how Kevin uses resiliency to keep him motivated while pursuing his health journey.

Kevin has worked at U of L for 4 years as an Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership and Learning in the Department of Educational Leadership, Evaluation, & Organizational Development. His favorite hobbies are gardening, growing his own food and being physically active. Kevin also enjoys cooking, especially when he uses ingredients from his own garden.

Kevin’s healthy lifestyle change and consistent visits to GHN allowed him to lose 60 lbs. Some of his main fitness goals are strength training 2-3 times a week, cardio 3-4 times a week and participating in yoga and mindfulness classes. He even bought a bike so he could enjoy the local trails and keep up with his fitness.  Kevin also improved his eating habits by eating meatless meals several times a week and completely cutting out sodas. His main focus is cooking his own meals at home rather than going out to eat.

In relation to December’s wellness theme of Wellness and Resiliency, Kevin remains motivated to continue his healthy lifestyle for years to come. When he exercises and eats healthy, he feels better throughout the day, has more energy, and is more productive at work and home. He also credits the GHN staff and group fitness instructors for helping him with health advice and constant encouragement. “I’ve never worked out at a facility where the staff are so friendly and I feel like they’re genuinely concerned about my health.”

What’s on Kevin’s “Bucket List”? Kevin enjoys traveling and really wants to visit Machu Pichu, the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat and Chichen Itza.

Hip-hip-hooray to December’s Member of the Month, Kevin Rose!



Congratulations to Donna Hardesty for being Get Healthy Now’s Member of the Month for November. This month’s theme is Healthy Eating. Keep reading to learn more about how Donna practices healthy eating to keep her motivated while pursuing her health journey.

Donna has worked at U of L for over 5 years as the Human Resources Functional Specialist Team Lead in the newly formed Business Operations department. Her favorite hobbies are walking, taking care of her flower garden, and riding the motorcycle with her husband. She enjoys any type of activity that involves being outdoors where she can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. She enjoys walking as a family because it’s a great way to spend time together and have everyone involved toward a common goal.

In the last 6 months, Donna has been very dedicated to getting fit and losing weight. Her health journey started in late January when she consistently had high blood pressure readings and her doctor encouraged her to go on high blood pressure medicine. Donna told her doctor to give her 3 months to lose weight in efforts to lower her blood pressure naturally. Today, she is proud to say that not only did she achieve her weight loss goal of 30 lbs., but also lost another 10 lbs. for a total of 40 lbs.

In relation to November’s wellness theme of Healthy Eating, Donna has made significant changes with her food choices. Donna has given up all sugary drinks completely and rarely visits any fast food restaurants. She visits GHN at least 3 times a week, which helps her make healthier choices throughout the day.

What’s on Donna’s “Bucket List”? Donna and her husband would love to ride their motorcycle westbound on Route 66.

Hip-hip-hooray to November’s Member of the Month, Donna Hardesty!



Congratulations to Jake Wildstrom for being Get Healthy Now’s Member of the Month for October. This month’s theme is Mental Health and Sustainability. Keep reading to learn more about how Jake practices mental health and sustainable efforts to keep him motivated while pursuing his health journey.

Jake has worked at U of L for 10 years as an Associate Professor in the Mathematics department at the College of Arts and Sciences. His favorite hobbies are crocheting, playing board games, brewing beer, and collecting and maintaining mechanical calculators. Jake uses his bike as his primary mode of transportation and also makes his daily visits to the GHN Wellness Center on his bike. He is an awesome example for pursuing sustainability efforts in making this world a better place to live.

Jake was previously diagnosed pre-hypertensive, but his consistent visits to GHN allowed him to lower his blood pressure.  In the last 6 months, Jake significantly cut down on his meat consumption, reduced his portion sizes and established better hydration habits, which can be easily forgotten. Jake’s dedication to his new diet and exercise regimen resulted in him losing 5 lbs. in the last 6 months.

In relation to October’s wellness theme of Mental Health and Sustainability, Jake keeps GHN as a part of his daily routine to help structure his entire day. Jake has worked on his mental fitness by engaging and incorporating Mindfulness exercises in his daily tasks for psychological well-being and improved focus. The time spent on the elliptical with a book and music is a dedicated piece of recreation time for Jake and it helps develop the physical strength he’s hoping to build too. Jake’s current focus is building muscle mass, stamina and endurance to increase his ability to live day-to-day and bike longer without getting tired.

What’s on Jake’s “Bucket List”? He would like to visit Southeast Asia during his lifetime.

Hip-hip-hooray to October’s Member of the Month, Jake Wildstrom!



Congratulations to Thomas Maloney for being Get Healthy Now’s Member of the Month for September. This month’s theme is Healthy Through The Ages. Keep reading to learn more about how Thomas continues to stay motivated through the years to maintain his health journey.

Thomas has worked at U of L for 43 years! He is a professor in the Department of Philosophy. Some of his favorite hobbies are tinkering with farm machinery and working out at GHN.

Thomas’ consistent visits to GHN allowed him to increase his flexibility, improve his balance and muscle strength. In the last 6 months, he maintained an exercise routine that resulted in him to lose 15 lbs., but Thomas isn’t stopping there. He is striving to continue his weight loss journey and is setting another weight loss overall goal to 25 lbs.

In relation to September’s wellness theme of Healthy Through The Ages, Thomas realized the need and importance of living a healthy lifestyle to stay mobile to do his daily activities. He plans to stay active and strengthen his leg muscles by visiting GHN more often throughout the week. He also wants to work on his flexibility by learning stretching techniques to help reduce his lower back pain.

What’s on Thomas’ “Bucket List”? He wants to continue to pursue his wellness journey by continuing to live a healthy lifestyle to achieve his weight loss goal.

Hip-hip-hooray to September’s Member of the Month, Thomas Maloney!



Congratulations to Kevin Bauman for being Get Healthy Now’s Member of the Month for August. This month’s theme is Healthy Relationships. Keep reading to learn more about how Kevin uses healthy relationships to keep him motivated while pursuing his health journey.

Kevin has worked at U of L for 2 years, both professionally and as an MBA student and will graduate this December. He is the Senior Director of Development in the University Advancement department at the College of Business. His favorite hobbies are traveling, golfing, seeing friends and working out at GHN. Kevin also enjoys a good shrimp/crab/lobster boil and cheering on his favorite team, the Chicago Cubs.

Kevin’s consistent visits to GHN allowed him to increase his Bench-Press max weight from 225 lbs. to 230 lbs. and Squat max weight from 215 lbs. to 225 lbs. In the last 6 months, he also started focusing on his diet by calorie counting, balancing meals with protein and veggies and timing meals to boost his metabolism. Kevin’s dedication to his new diet resulted in him losing 6.5 lbs. (3.3% of his bodyweight) in the last month. 

In relation to August’s wellness theme of Healthy Relationships, Kevin credits his good friend and workout partner, Nick Yoko, for holding him accountable every day to achieve his wellness goals. Kevin and Nick have been high school buddies in Texas and they both reunited at U of L. They both enjoy being outdoors and accomplish more when physically fit. Last year, they both climbed Mt. Elbert, which is the second tallest peak in the U.S. In addition to Nick, Kevin acquired healthy relationships by teaming up with other friends for GHN’s March Madness Challenge and participating in Incycle Classes.

What’s on Kevin’s “Bucket List”? He feels a commercial space flight should be possible in his lifetime. He said, “If my grandparents can go from horse and buggy to flying across the Pacific… a walk in space is definitely on my bucket list.”

Hip-hip-hooray to August’s Member of the Month, Kevin Bauman!



Congratulations to April Clark for being Get Healthy Now’s Member of the Month for July! This month’s theme is Recreation and Work-Life Balance: keep reading to learn more about how April takes times out of her busy work day to exercise for her overall health!

April has worked at UofL for 17 years. She is the Program Coordinator Senior for the Kent School of Social Work.  As mother of two and a wife, her day-to-day life is pretty busy! Though, in her spare time she enjoys being out on the boat cruising the Ohio River, vacationing at the beach, and spending time with family and friends. Her “Bucket List” item would be to visit New York City at Christmastime to enjoy a shopping spree!

April made a goal to get back in shape and to focus on toning her muscles. In the last six months, she made it a priority to get to the Wellness Center regularly. “I have always been a fan of exercising but sometimes life catches up with us and we seem to lose our mojo. I made myself a goal that I would make time to get to the gym and get myself back in shape. Thanks to GHN I am able to do just that.” April’s favorite Get Healthy Now offering is Group Fitness Classes. “I feel so much better after exercising and GHN makes it convenient to get my workout in before going home.” Along with making time for exercise, April works on her eating habits as well. She currently eats smaller portions and tries to incorporate more fruit and vegetables in her meals.

Let’s give a big high five to our July Member of the Month, April Clark!



Congratulations to Dwain Archer for being Get Healthy Now’s Member of the Month for June! This month’s theme is Men’s Health. Keep reading to learn more about how Dwain uses exercise and proper nutrition to stay healthy!

Dwain has worked at UofL for 14 years. He is the University Fire Marshal at the Department of Public Safety. His favorite hobbies include painting, drawing, and reading. Learning how to drive a motorcycle is on Dwain’s bucket list!

In the last six months, GHN has provided support in many forms to help Dwain reach his fitness goals, which include developing strength and definition throughout his entire body, along with improving his agility. Dwain loves the convenience and accessibility of the GHN Wellness Center. The GHN staff supports his motivation and commitment to his fitness goals, providing visual aids to guide his workouts. He enjoys being able to use these visual aids and the knowledge of the staff to participate in new workout routines to further broaden his experience at GHN and achieve future goals.

Along with regular exercise, Dwain has changed his nutrition habits to help him on his mission to achieve a higher level of overall fitness: “I strive to consume 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.” Dwain has been able to tighten his core and improve his overall strength in recent months.  He plans to continue down this path to further improve his level of strength and definition in the future.

Hip-hip-hooray to June’s Member of the Month, Dwain Archer! 



Congratulations to Lisa Burnett for being Get Healthy Now’s Member of the Month for May. This month’s theme is Women’s Health: keep reading to learn more about how Lisa uses good nutrition and consistent exercise to stay healthy!

Lisa has worked at UofL for 3 years. She is the Unit Business Manager at the School of Dentistry. Her favorite hobbies include: Running, dancing, and crocheting. Running a 5K was on Lisa’s bucket list, but she decided to go for the bigger goal with the KY Derby mini-marathon!

Since training to run the KY Derby mini-marathon, Get Healthy Now has provided support in many forms to reach this goal. Lisa loves being able to use the facilities and equipment at her convenience – either during her lunch break or after work – to supplement with her training schedule. She enjoys the varied strength training equipment and likes the indoor track and treadmill for those rainy days! Her favorite GHN wellness offering is the weekly Walk & Run Club. “[It] has been a big help to me and keeps me motivated and coming back!”

Along with regular exercise, Lisa has changed her nutrition habits to help her on her journey of wellness. “I have cut WAY back on sugar, sodas, and junky snack foods, opting for more filling, satisfying, and healthier options.” She has lost over 30 pounds and is almost to her “goal weight.” Her new goals are to continue toning up and maintain her weight loss.

Hip-hip-hooray to May’s Member of the Month, Lisa Burnett! 



Congratulations to Carol Meeker for being Get Healthy Now’s Member of the Month for April – her birth month. Read more to see what amazing work Carol put in to make herself Fabulous at Fifty!

Carol has worked at UofL for 15 years! She is Program Coordinator Sr. of Transfer Services in the Office of Admissions. Her favorite hobbies include: hiking, boating, camping, and nature photography – she loves being outdoors! Carol is making her “Bucket List” dream come true by planning a visit and photo safari to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, the largest black rhino sanctuary in east Africa.  They are committed to rehabilitating animals rescued from the black market, and ensuring that wildlife conservation translates to better education, healthcare, and infrastructure for the next generation of wildlife guardians.

Since last June, Carol has lost over 50 lbs and 4 dress sizes! She is committed to at least 30 minutes of cardio every day, and 30 minutes of weight training 3 days a week. The individualized instruction of the personal trainers has helped her to set up a regimen of effective, consistent, and safe workouts, while taking into consideration a knee injury.  Carol set small, specific goals that could be accomplished in a short amount of time to help keep her from getting discouraged. “I have met so many people and made so many friends at the gym, from the staff to the members, and they help keep me motivated.  I look forward to seeing friendly, familiar faces that are working toward a common goal of getting fitter and healthier!” 

The first few months Carol was concentrating on weight loss, though now she is focusing on lower body fat percentage and increasing her muscle mass and bone health. She has also eliminated fast food, processed foods, sodas, and limits refined sugars. “I love to cook and have really enjoyed trying out new recipes that include many more vegetables, healthy carbs and lean proteins.  Healthy eating does not have to be boring nor tasteless!” 

Join us in congratulating our Golden Birthday Girl, Carol Meeker! 



Congratulations to Karen Thompson for being GHN’s Member of the Month for March! This month’s theme is Cancer Awareness. Keep reading to learn more about how Karen uses activity to promote a healthy body as a cancer survivor.

Karen has worked at UofL for 19 years! She is a Program Assistant, Sr. in the Department of Criminal Justice. Her favorite hobbies include teaching, acting, and dancing. She teaches the award-winning Your Manners Matter® program to underserved youth in West Louisville. As an actress, Karen participated in Leatherman Spine Center and Kroger training videos and has appeared as an extra in the Hallmark movie “The Legacy” and Harpo Production series “Iyanla Save My Life.”  Karen has been a Zumba instructor since 2009 and she sponsors the annual “Cardio Workout in Pink” during Breast Cancer awareness month. Her bucket list includes completing her master’s degree in Criminal Justice, becoming a Nia instructor and travelling!

As a long time GHN member, Karen appreciates the atmosphere and staff. GHN offers a variety of fitness classes to meet her needs. “I have lifting limitations with my right arm. The self-guided W.O.W., stretch bands and balls are available to use instead of lifting heavy weight.” Karen also enjoys Get R.I.P.P.E.D., Boot Camp and Zumba—allowing this socialite to flourish. In order to boost her metabolism, she exercises a minimum of 4-5 days of 60-minute cardio sessions per week.

This cancer awareness month has a special meaning for Karen. On March 13, 2013, she was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer, which was followed by surgery and treatments. Brain fog and gross fatigue were major side effects. Exercise was an important component to regain balance and stamina. “While at GHN 1-2 days per week, I use the stationary bike, treadmill or walking track. With gratitude, I ventured back into GHN fitness classes to work on my rhythm and movement range,” Karen explains. In January 2016, Karen resumed teaching Zumba in her spare time as a substitute teacher.

Give a round of applause to our star March Member of the Month, Karen Thompson!



Congratulations Manuel Medina for being Get Healthy Now (GHN)’s February 2016 Member of the Month! February’s theme is Heart Health; read along to learn how Manuel keeps his heart heathy.

Manuel has worked at UofL for 21 years. He is a professor in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages. His favorite hobbies include working out, reading, watching movies, and traveling. As an avid traveler, Manuel would like to one day walk the Inca Trail and navigate the Amazon River.

As a long time GHN member, Manuel keeps things fresh by adding variety to his routine. He has added the rowing machine, has increased his endurance on the stair-master, shoots basketball, and began yoga—in addition to his usual strength training routine. “I wanted to maximize my time in the gym and make my workouts more efficient,” he explains. Manuel is also working on his nutrition: “I have continued my healthy carbs, high protein, and good fat diet. Eating five smaller meals, instead of three large ones, throughout the day has helped me a lot.”

Working out gives Manuel motivation, energy and focus, allowing him to complete his daily tasks more efficiently. “If I miss a day, I feel lethargic and lack the energy needed to carry out any of my projects.” He appreciates the camaraderie and sense of belonging shared with his fellow colleagues who work out at the same time as he does. Having access to great health fitness specialists has been extremely beneficial in reaching his goals. “They are a great resource and I have learned so much from them. I started lifting weights five years ago at the old location. Without their help and encouragement, I wouldn’t have reached this much progress.”   

Manuel is a testament to how consistent exercise and good nutrition can turn your heart health around. “Back in 2007, I had an angioplasty due to a partially blocked left coronary.  I learned that in addition to taking medicine to control my cholesterol, I had to improve my cardiovascular endurance to help my heart work more efficiently. The doctor also recommended that I start lifting weights. I work out to stay healthy and to keep my heart healthy. During my most recent stress test, the cardiologist told me that I was doing exceptionally well and that I should continue my exercise routine.” Manuel will continue attending the GHN Wellness Center regularly and keep up his healthy eating habits. 

Give a “heart-y” congrats to Manuel! 



Congratulations to Martin O’Toole for being Get Healthy Now’s Member of the Month for January. This month’s theme is Healthy Resolutions: keep reading to learn more about how Marty balances his work-life, family-life, and makes his fitness goals part of his routine!

Marty started at UofL in 2002 as a graduate teaching assistant and is now on his 3rd year tenure track as an Assistant Professor in the Bioengineering Department at the Speed School. His favorite hobbies include: playing with the kids, playing guitar, building electronic gadgets, and exercising. His family, more specifically his children, helps keep him motivated to attend the Wellness Center almost daily. “I’ve seen what happens when I am sedentary now that I am getting older, and it happens a lot quicker than it used to: feeling bad, no energy, having to buy bigger clothes, not wanting to go outside with the kids. I feel like I am training to live the life that I want to live, and to be the person I want to be.”  

A few recent accomplishments: Marty is stronger than he was in high school/college, and he could go out and run a 5K race – despite thinking he was terrible at running! Now running the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini/Marathon is on his “bucket list”; however, his more immediate goal is to participate in a 10K race. Marty’s main goal is to make exercise part of his lifestyle rather than focusing on short term goals. “I have incorporated going to the gym into my weekly routine – drop off the kids at daycare and hit the gym. The goal is to establish and keep the routine, resulting in health benefits (feeling better, less sick time, losing weight, more energy) being part of my lifestyle instead of goals to achieve.”

Marty has made some healthy nutrition choices as well to supplement his healthy lifestyle. He has incorporated more smoothies and salads at home. He also took a look at where most of his nutritional “damage” was coming from – going out to lunch! Marty now brings something healthy from home. “We also definitely have ‘cheat’ nights where we can indulge so that we don’t get burned out on the dieting!”

The Wellness Center’s accessibility and various workout options have kept Marty a fitness facility regular. He appreciates the friendly people, nice facilities, and laid back atmosphere. He plans on trying out a fitness class or the Walk & Run Club in the New Year to keep things fresh.

Join us in congratulating this January’s Member of the Month, Marty O’Toole!