2019 Dodgeball Tournament

When Apr 06, 2019
from 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM
Where GHN Wellness Center
Contact Name
Contact Phone 852-1234
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2019 Dodgeball Tournament Rules

UofL Hospital and Get Healthy Now have teamed up to offer the first Dodgeball Tournament in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  This event brings community members together for a friendly competition and an important cause. All proceeds earned from tournament registration go to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) in its efforts to not only find a cure for blood cancers, but also ensuring that patients have access to life-saving treatments.


April 6th, 2019



A team should consist of 4 players; with each team having a minimum of two females. Players are only allowed to participate on a single team once the tournament begins. ALL members of a team must play at least one (1) game per match, unless injured.



The field of play is a basketball court divided into two (2) equal sections by a center line and attack lines (blue) and parallel to the centerline. During play, all players must remain in the boundary lines. Players may leave the boundaries through their end line only to retrieve stray balls.



A total of 3 coated (foam) balls will be in play.



The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them “OUT”. This must be done by:

  1. Hitting an opposing player with a LIVE thrown ball below the shoulders
  2. Catching a LIVE ball thrown by your opponent before it touches the ground
  3. One player may return to the game after a teammate catches a ball from the opposing team. Players must rotate in the same order they went out.
  4. When a team is down to one (1) player on the court, the opposing team may move beyond the centerline to the other players attack line. If the down team is able to bring a teammate back in to play, the opposing team must retreat back to their side of the court and behind the attack line, before play continues.
  5. In order to reduce stalling, a violation will be called in a team in the lead controls all three (3) balls on their side of the court for more than 10 seconds. Violations of this rule results in the opposing team receiving two (2) of the balls and the game being restarted with both teams on their respective end lines.
  6. Violation of any rule by players and/or spectators not on the court will result in teammate on the court being ruled out.


LIVE: a ball that has been thrown and has not touched anything, including the floor/ground, another ball, another player, official or other item outside of the playing field.



The dodgeballs will be placed evenly along the center line to begin play. Players then take positon behind their end line(s). The referee will signal play to begin and teams may approach the center line to retrieve the balls. Once a ball is retrieved, it must be taken behind the attack-line before it can legally be thrown.



The match will be a best of three (3) games series. The first team to legally eliminate all opposing players will be declared the winner. There is a limit of five (5) minutes per game; at the end of the limit, the team with the most remaining players will be declared the winners of the game.



The Referee present will make the final judgements. Be reminded that while the dodgeball tournament is designed to be a competitive event, the priority is the safety of all participants and spectators.



 2:00 PM -


Get Healthy Now

601 President’s Blvd

Louisville, KY, 40217


Upon arrival, teams will:

  1. Check-in with Dillon Painter and/or Morgan Gilbert
  2. Each member will sign a Liability Waiver
  3. Games will run every 15 minutes (tournament-style) until an overall champion is declared
  4. Depending on the number of sign-ups, single or double elimination is TDB


Overall tournament Champions will receive prizes, including:

  • Fitbit Activity Trackers ($100 value)
  • Scheller’s Fitness & Cycling swag
  • UofL sports memorabilia


Complete registration form and mail/drop off by Wednesday, April 3rd. See information below.


Team Name:                                                   

Member 1: __________________________       Member 2: _____________________________

Member 3: __________________________       Member 4: _____________________________



Registration Fee:  $10.00 PER member ($40 per team)


*Cash, check, and Venmo (@momomojito) accepted.