David A. Howarth

David A. Howarth, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of Geography and Geosciences

Meteorology, Climate Science, Statistics, Geographic Education; especially interested in short-term climate fluctuations and in the various aspects of the hydrologic cycle as manifested in precipitation variability

Room: 208 Lutz Hall
Phone: 852-2693

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Christopher Andrew Day

Christopher Andrew Day, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Geography and Geosciences

Climate Change, Land Cover Change, Hydrology/Water Resources, Mountain Environments

Room: 211 Lutz Hall
Phone: 852-2703

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Andrea Gaughan

Andrea Gaughan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Geography and Geosciences

Coupled Human-Environment Interactions, Land Change and Climate Variability, Population Distributions, Remote Sensing and GIS Applications

Room: 213 Lutz Hall
Phone: 852-2697

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Jafar Hadizadeh

Jafar Hadizadeh, Ph.D.

Professor of Geography and Geosciences

Structural Geology and Rock Mechanics with specific reference to Faulting and Fracturing Processes, Brittle-Ductile Transition in Rocks, and Frictional Sliding Microstructures in Fault Rocks

Room: 212 Lutz Hall
Phone: 852-2691

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Carrie Mott, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Geography and Geosciences

Political Geography, Historical Geography, Feminist Epistemologies, Race in the United States, Settler Colonialism
The US West

Room: 226A Lutz Hall
Phone: 852-2699

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Keith R. Mountain

Keith R. Mountain, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor of Geography and Geosciences

Climatology and Climate Change, Radiative and Surface Energy Balances, Statistical Analysis and Quantitative Methods, Geomorphology, Glaciology, Arctic and Alpine Environments, Geographic Education

Room: 227 Lutz Hall
Phone: 852-2692

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Jason Naylor

Jason Naylor, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Geography and Geosciences

Meteorology, Severe Storms and Tornadoes, Tropical Cyclone Dynamics, Numerical Modeling

Room: 214 Lutz Hall
Phone: 852-5190

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Wei Song

Wei Song, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Geography and Geosciences

Location Analysis, Transportation Geography, Urban Crime Issues, Quantitative Methods, Geographic Information Systems Applications, Geography of China

Room: 218 Lutz Hall
Phone: 852-2690

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Forrest R. Stevens, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Geography and Geosciences

Integrated modeling and quantitative spatial analyses of human-environment, socio-ecological systems and natural resource management; land systems science, remote sensing, rural lands and livelihoods

Room: 217 Lutz Hall
Email: forrest.stevens@louisville.edu
Phone: 852-2696

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Margath Walker

Margath Walker, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Graduate Studies Director of Geography and Geosciences

Border Security and Drug Policy, Urban Geography, Cultural Production, Social Theory, Latin America; focusing on how regional identities and cultural practice work together to reconfigure place

Room: 215 Lutz Hall
Email: margath.walker@louisville.edu
Phone: 852-2694

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Haifeng (Charlie) Zhang

Haifeng (Charlie) Zhang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Geography and Geosciences

Crime Mapping, Spatial Demography, Race/Ethnicity, Education Issues, GIS, Quantitative Methods

Room: 216 Lutz Hall
Phone: 852-2695

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