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Standing Committees

Standing Committees and Current Members 

Rules Committee  

The Rules Committee advises the Center and Standing Committees on matters concerning bylaws, organization, responsibilities, functions and eligible membership of the Center and recommends to the Center changes in the organization and standing committees if there are changes in the Bylaws and goals of the Center.

Each member is elected for a term of three years.

  • Stanley Dsouza (elected 2010)
  • Michel Hetman (elected 2010)
  • Saeed Jortani (elected 2010)
  • Ted Kalbfleisch (Chair) (elected 2010)
  • Ron Gregg (Director)

Education/Curriculum Committee

The Education/Curriculum Committee develops and recommends to the Center educational requirements and proposals for the curriculum of the academic programs within the purview of the Center, reviews any course requirements to be introduced or eliminated with recommendation to be forwarded to the Center and monitors academic programs and progress of students engaged in the programs within the purview of the Center.

Each member is elected for a term of three years.

  • Alexander Asamoah (elected 2010)
  • Fred Benz (elected 2010)
  • Jian Cai (elected 2010)
  • Barbara Clark (elected 2010)
  • Teresa Fan (elected 2010)
  • Harrel Hurst (elected 2010)
  • William McCregor (Chair) (elected 2010)

Public Affairs Committee

The Public Affairs Committee initiates, coordinates and facilitates outreach of the Center to the public as well as the pertinent academic and business communities in the Louisville Metropolitan area, organizes, coordinates, and makes recommendations regarding speakers whose presentations are directly within the purview of the Center, initiates and sustains a seminar series and schedules presentations by internal and external speakers concerning human and comparative genetics and molecular medicine, is responsible for budgeting and accounting for expenditures related to the sponsorship of speakers and provides an annual report of the committee's activities to the Center membership for approval.

Each member is elected for a term of three years.

  • Guy Brock (Chair) (elected 2010)
  • Ramesh Gupta (elected 2010)
  • Yong Li (elected 2010)
  • David J. Samuelson (elected 2010)
  • Brian Wattenberg (elected 2010)

Finance Advisory Commitee

The Finance Advisory Committee makes recommendations on expenditures of enhancement funds directly available to the Center and conducts long-range planning and budget processes for the Center and to make recommendations on funding priorities to the Director of the Center.

Each member is elected for a term of three years.

  • Gordon Gowans (elected 2010)
  • Carolyn Klinge (elected 2010)
  • Roland Valdes Jr. (elected 2010)
  • Ron Gregg (ex officio)
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