CGeMM DNA Facility Core

The nucleic acids core provides DNA sequencing, genotyping and microarray services to the University of Louisville investigators.


DNA Sequencing

FOR SAMPLE PREPARATION:  0.4 ug of clean plasmid DNA is optimal for each reaction. For PCR products, 6ng/100 bases is optimal (also cleaned up).

These amounts of DNA must be provided in 10.4 ul of water (not TE) in a 0.2 ml PCR tube.

Label the tubes with your initials and number them.  Do not try to write the sample names on the tubes.  Strip tubes are preferred for multiple samples.

PRIMERS: We stock the following standard primers: T7, SP6, T7 Reverse, M13F, M13R, T3, and GL2. If you are adding your own primer, use 1.6 ul of 20uM solution.


DISCLAIMER: Our goal is to provide 24-48 hour turn around. Samples must be submitted by 2:00 PM for next day results. Cycle sequencing is very sensitive to impurities.

Because we cannot control this and we are trying to provide an inexpensive service, you will be charged for all reactions, whether or not they generate any sequence.


DROP OFF SITE:  For added convenience, Samples may be dropped off in room 452-F of the CTR Building, HOWEVER, if you choose to drop samples off at this site, you must email for pick up.


For sequencing services, please use this form (Sequencing form link )

Free Sequence Software

Life Technologies provides free sequence scanner software which enables you to view, edit, print and export your sequence data.  To download this free copy, please click here (Sequence Software)


Supplies Orders

Promega Freezer

The Promega freezer utilizes the Helix System.  The Helix™ system is the only on-site stocking system that automates the entire purchasing process ― from the scientist obtaining their products to invoicing, inventory and re-order ― with the simple swipe of a card.   Helix inventory and pricing list (link)

Please follow this link (link) to apply for your Helix card.


Qiagen Cabinet

The Qiagen Cabinet is located on the second floor of the Baxter II Building, Room 226.   Current Qiagen Inventory and pricing list (Qiagen Inventory Link)

If you wish to place an order for items that are not currently in stock, please email your order (including quantity, catalog number, brief description, and telephone number) to the DNA Core at

Please be aware there is a 3-4 day processing time for non-stocked supply orders.


For more information or to request services, please contact:

Ms. Elizabeth Hudson

Baxter II, Rm. 226
580 S. Preston St.
Telephone:  502-852-4996