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French Graduate Programs

Are you interested in obtaining a Master of Arts degree in French?
The Masters program in French emphasizes language skills and proficiency, cultural knowledge and critical ability. Whether your goal is an MA in French to further your chosen career path (teaching or business, etc.) or if you are considering continuing your studies in a Ph.D. program, UofL's new French Masters program aims to equip its graduates with the skills and experience to succeed.

Affordable, with opportunities for teaching support and generous scholarship funding through the Modern Languages Fund and Mary Jo Fink Award.

Manageable time frame: finish in two years or less (can be done as a combined BA/MA in French).

French graduate students receive careful individual attention from faculty.

Courses designed specifically for student interests and learning needs.

Opportunity to gain work and research experience in France on the annual Montpellier work exchange.

Convenience: most classes taught during early evenings

Program features:

30 hours of academic work at the graduate level

Required courses:
French 523 Advanced Communication Skills

French 524 Theory and Practice of Translation

French 531 Special Topics in Literature and Cultural Studies (taught by Modern Languages Fund Professor)

French 552 Montpellier Research Project

French 601 Issues in French Linguistics

French 602 Issues in French Culture

French 603 Issues in French Media

French 604 Issues in French Literature

French 611: Introduction to Teaching and Research Methods

French 699 Final Research Project

Portfolio Review: candidate presents examples of graduate work to a panel of French faculty. This activity concludes the program.

Download Graduate Teaching Assistantship Application form:

Graduate Teaching Assistantship Application [PDF]

Graduate Teaching Assistantship Application [Word Perfect]

Graduate Teaching Assistantship Application [Word .doc]

Graduate Teaching Assistantship Application [Word .docx]


For information about the French program, please contact Dr. Matthieu Dalle, m.dalle (@)