Basic language program

Parlez-vous français? Non? No problem!


So, why learn French? Well, beyond France, there are more than 50 countries in the world, spread over 5 continents, where French is regularly used in government, business and, of course, in everyday life.

Whether you're interested in business, research and high-tech, travel, sports, gastronomy, fashion, appreciating that excellent French movie or novel in the original language, or would just like to widen your circle of friends to include French-speakers, you have to ask yourself this one simple question:

Just what is there to stop you from becoming a brand new speaker of French? As the 200+ million French speakers around the globe would say, 'Allons-y!' Let's go.

The French program at UofL offers a wide range of classes from beginning French 121 to classes in literature, culture, media, linguistics and film. Check out our course offerings on and select the class or classes that are right for you.  Whether you’re looking to fulfill a language requirement, seeking a major or are just plain curious, the UofL French program and its award-winning faculty can help you succeed!