Get Connected

Even after Orientation you can continue to make campus connections and learn about important UofL basics by taking advantage of these great programs.

CARDS Connection mentor outreach offers personalized, online summer support by way of knowledgeable and experienced upperclass students who will share their advice on having a great first year. You'll meet back up with your mentors at various events throughout Welcome Week as well as reconnect at different points in the fall. Look for your first emails starting July 12!

A nationally award-winning program, the Student Tutorial Online Module Program (STOMP) maximizes university technology to deliver a series of informational modules that are a key part of every student’s academic orientation course. STOMP is available in Blackboard starting July 12 to all students enrolled in a fall academic orientation course.

Through the CARDS Courier newsletter, First Year Initiatives keeps new and transfer students in the know all year long. We'll send editions throughout your first year to keep you informed of key dates, upcoming events, helpful tips and opportunities to find free food on campus.