CARDS Success Series

You have almost endless choices and opportunities ahead of you here at UofL, and the experience truly will be what you make of it. But not all paths through your university journey are equal, and there are some essential turns that every first year student is expected to make as you transition to college life at UofL.

The CARDS Success Series highlights important events and activities that will help your transition be as seamless and engaging as possible by giving you access to the keys to success in your first year and beyond. It's centered on these five key aspects of your UofL experience: Community, Academics, Responsibility, Diversity and Service (CARDS). Attend CARDS events to earn rewards, including your chance at one of two $500 scholarships! Ready to participate? Learn more here.

Facilitate each student’s connection and contribution to the rich, diverse University of Louisville and surrounding communities.

Acclimate each student to the traditions, expectations and opportunities that will boost academic experiences and classroom to real-world application.

Provide programs and resources that empower students to take ownership of their wellbeing, personal development and collegiate experiences.

Introduce students to the wide array of opportunities available for involvement, support and exploration of individual ways of thinking and being.

Enhance students’ ability to give back to the university, the community at large and their academic and career fields through service, leadership and research.